[Newsen] BEAST Yang Yoseob to go Solo, Producer Yong JunHyung Reveals Tracklist

BEAST Yang Yoseob will be releasing a solo album.

On the 20th of November, Cube Entertainment has revealed a new project under the title ‘Producer Yong JunHyung’.

Towards producer Yong JunHyung who produced Yang Yoseob’s solo mini album, President Hong SeungSong expressed his anticipation, “I believe him and have even saw it. Yong JunHyung as a producer, will be shown to the world, and hope that everyone will evaluate him.”

Yong JunHyung wrote on his twitter, “The fruits to my works this period, I shall show to everyone soon. I shall reveal the album tracklist”, attaching along with a picture.

In the revealed picture, it was Yang Yoseob’s album tracklist. On the desktop of Yong JunHyung’s computer was a folder image titled ‘The First Collage’. Inside the file, the tracklist included, ‘Look at me now’, ‘Caffeine’, ‘Just Do As You Always Did’, ‘Even Then, I’, ‘You Don’t Know’ which has received hot attention from fans.

BEAST’s main vocalist Yang Yoseob has a soothing and extraordinary voice. He is capable of showing an emotional side of his in most of BEAST’s strong dance songs. In particular, he can express both soothing voice and rich expressions in a genre.

With Yang Yoseob’s solo album, together with Yong JunHyung’s producing, the entertainment world is having high anticipation for this project.

After attending to BEAST’s activities in and out Korea, Yong JunHyung has started his producing works.  With Yang Yoseob’s soothing vocals, anticipation rose to another level. It was known that Yong JunHyung has participated in Yang Yoseob’s solo album concept from meetings till album producing.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob’s first solo album ‘The First Collage’ will be revealed on online sites on the 26th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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