[Joy News] (Interview 1/2) Roh JiHoon, “I Will Show You A Different Dimension of a Bad Guy”

‘Bad Guy’ Roh JiHoon has launched his attack in the entertainment industry.

Received hard training for a year and 6 months, although Roh JiHoon brings along a rookie confidence, passion and ambition, has made an unlike-rookie debut. Indeed a ‘Birth Star’.

“Of course I’m excited that I made my debut. But it seems shameless to call it excited, (because) in fact, it is the same (laughs). Predebut life was exactly the same too. It’s (actually) easier than going on stage. As I’ve debut, I am able to show my music, that’s the thing I like about it.”

Speaking calmly about his thoughts of ‘exactly the same’ debut, Roh JiHoon confessed that he actually trembled a lot before performing on his very first stage. “If I said I wasn’t nervous at all, that would be a lie”, shyly letting out a smile. He continued, “I wasn’t nervous on my first showcase stage, but I really trembled on my first broadcast the next day”, and “My legs were trembling very bad.”

In fact, ‘Bad Guy’ was a concept that he wanted to try out as a male soloist. Perhaps to some, it may seem to be unsurprising, but it was a concept that brings out Roh JiHoon’s very own charms as a Homme Fatale character.

“Usually, I would listen to words saying that I have a poker face. I want to show a calm yet strong, another different type of bad guy. I don’t know either, but to me, it seems like it’s within me. Please do look forward to my bad guy’s look that I have never realized either.”

When he smiles modestly, as compared to his bad guy look, his half-moon eye smile shows an good guy instead. However, towards the question, “when was the last relationship?”, Eoh JiHoon replied, “When was I in a relationship?”, he hesitate, “It’s fine if I give a shameless answer too? What is a (love) relationship?”, Roh JiHoon who asked instead, showing his pride as a ‘Bad Guy’.

Although he is a bad guy, Roh JiHoon has expectations to show a sweet transformation.

“When I first received a concept as a bad guy, I thought to myself hopelessly, ‘Ah, What to do…’ (laughs). I only know how to be a sweet guy. As I look at my image now… I am thankful to my company. But until now, I still want to show a lovable look (laughs). When I do a ‘Hug’ on stage, wasn’t the reaction great?”

During the showcase, Roh JiHoon who commented in hopes to ‘exceed Rain-senior regardless how many years it will take’, has received attention for showing such ‘confidence’. It seems taht his overflowing confidence will allow him to overcome difficulties in the future.

“Roh JiHoon is a person who has high confidence level, passion, ambition as well as an optimistic person. Although having good looks, if you look deeper, my charms are there too (laughs), the more you see it, the more charms will show. Also, my tall height, thanks to my parents for, and shamelessness? (laughs). I manage myself well too. I’m maintaning my body fat percentage within 10% too. Since I love sports, I worked out and played badminton everyday too.”

Ever since Rain and Se7en, the entertainment industry which is lacking of male dance soloist, will have to pay attention to a new wave, Roh JiHoon.

“I want to be an artist who can be recognized for his performance and singing skills. On the other hand, anticipation towards myself brings burden. What more should I say? I will show you through my stages.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Joy News


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