[Osen] (Interview) Roh JiHoon, Has All Sing-Dance-Visual! “To be the best in the world”

It has been 10 years since Rain and Seven’s emergence into the entertainment industry. However, ever since then, it seems that male dance soloist no longer appear. A significant number of those talented are promoting as members of boy groups, and the existence of male soloist seems to dies down.

Standing at a height of 186cm, Roh JiHoon, along with his handsomeness, is set to enter into the ‘dead’ male soloist market. Previous year, Roh JiHoon has received remarks as the contestant with the most star quality in MBC ‘Birth Star’. He even gained the attention of Cube Entertainment’s Representative Hong SeungSong, who coincidentally discovered Rain, and has now become an ambitious rookie singer.

His title song, “Being Punished” talks about a bad boy’s regrets after he broke up with his girlfriend. During ‘Birth Of The Great Star’, Roh JiHoon who was introduced as a former soccer player tried his luck to be a singer, has finally appeared as a bad boy with a smirk after a year and 6 months, realizing his dreams as a singer.

“During my first stage, I was so nervous, and even became nauseous. But I felt better starting on the second part. I just performed as I did in the practice room. Since I’m a goal keeper since young, I have a stronger (calmer) heart. My expressions on stage though, are still lacking. While I’m on stage, I should smile more, so I regretted it.”

After ending the auditions, Roh JiHoon has signed on a contract with Cube Entertainment, and had received vocal lessons, dance and basic training all over again. To start at basic, a training period of a year and six months seems to be 10 years to  him.

“It’s like I’ve been completely formatted. But I do like learning about languages and acting skills. I love things that are challenging. I’ve even learned ways on how to manage myself. Also, I’ve learned that it’s not easy to stand on the stage, (therefore) the stage is precious.”

Most of his singer friends have debuted as a group, he, however, has captured the opportunity to go solo. Other than his visuals, Roh JiHoon could do everything from dancing to singing, carrying along high ambitions with him.

“I like working hard alone like a Spartian. With a goal to be a world star within 10 years, I will try my best to be the best. My ambitions are big right? (laughs)”

His adaptation capability to wherever he goes is good. His socializing skills looks good, and his gaze goes well with it. Of course, he is highly popular among girls.

“As I listen to “Being Punished”, I have that same feeling too. I broke up with a girl who was nice with me before. My popularity? Lots, of course. (Laughs) ”

As he was a sportsman, female students would search to his front door. During elementary school, two female students even fought for him.

“I like females that look good in jeans and heels. Although I would like a girl with beautiful skin and good body, her heart matters the most. (laughs) My ideal type… is Kim Yuna. (laughs)”

Working or dating, which would he choose? Roh JiHoon said that he’s in the state of ‘crazy’ working right now. It was heard that he works at least 5 hours a day in Cube Entertainment.

“When I was young, I was crazy about football. In order to pursue my singing career, after giving up on sports, I’ve practiced for more than 10 hours a day in dancing and singing. Lately I’m monitoring myself closely. When I receive good comments from everyone, it made me feel better? Haha”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Osen




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