[IlGan Sports] Hyuna, Pokes Dancer’s Eyes while Dancing

During 4minute Hyuna’s vigorous dance move, she accidentally made a mistake.

On MBC ‘Section TV’ aired on the 11th, Hyuna said, “I’m gentle off stage. It’s only when I take the stage, I’ll change 180 degrees” and, “It’s a look when my confidence level grew (on stage).”

When the host expressed his amazement for the daring dance where Hyuna sits on a dancer in ‘Ice Cream’, she made everyone shocked by saying, “I’m a little heavy, so I’m sorry for him, but lately when we were practicing, I made a mistake” and, “As my arms shifts to the back, my nail poked his eyes during the choreograph.” She continued, “He was hurt really bad. But didn’t say anything except, ‘It’s okay, please poke the other side too. It’s because you work very hard, therefore this happens’, comforting me instead,” as Hyuna explained with regrets.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: IlGan Sports


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