[Naver] Roh JiHoon’s Debut Message


Hello. I’m the main character for today, Roh JiHoon. As I see other singers make their debut, I’ve pledged to myself, “Someday this day will come to me”. As the time spent passed, thinking that opportunity would come to me one day. I’ve practiced very hard, and prepared a lot, in order to gauge this opportunity, to be Roh JiHoon that’s beyond Korea, beyond Asia, but an artist that reaches out to the whole world. Also… to be a Roh JiHoon. Compared to the past Roh JiHoon, please look after me and give me attention as the future Roh JiHoon. Love You.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordrpess.com

Source: Naver


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