[Osen] Roh JiHoon, Can he fight against female soloists’ trend?

Will soloist Roh JiHoon brings back the pride of male soloist in the entertainment industry of today? Such questions are being asked, as anticipations build up.

On 7th, Roh JiHoon held ‘The Next Big Thing’ showcase in Seoul. Roh JiHoon showcased his fatal sexy dance and stable live singing skills, which subsequently leads to questions if he will be the one that will bring rain to a drought for male dance soloist. In particular, since female soloist such as Hyuna, Ga-in, Ailee and many more sexy female soloist, which has further attracted attention.

Hyuna, Ga-In and Ailee have released their album last month, and had presented their sexy choreography, which has received love from all around. Also, they are currently dominating the music charts as they undergo their promotional activities.

On the other hand, K-Will, Kim JongGuk, Lee KiChan and other male soloist emphasized on ballads lately. There isn’t any male soloist who dances after since Rain’s dominance. It is more of an era of boys group and swift choreography, whereby they show charms of each and every members, causing the entertainment industry to be lacking of male dance soloists.

Roh JiHoon on this day, has received questions regarding his debut as a male soloist instead of group in a situation where male dance singers are lacking. He answered, “From the time I was born, until now, I think being a soloist is still possible. It’s the same for the future too”, expressing his strong belief as a solo. Also, “Till date, there isn’t many solo singers, but isn’t it through me that the market for male singers will be opened?”, showing a strong commitment for male singers’ market.

With this, representative from Cube Entertainment revealed, “Currently, although boy groups cater to the needs of the public, they still have a desire for a different picture,” revealing his optimistic views about the market. Also, “Many charms can be expressed when a group stands on the stage, but Roh JiHoon has undergone training for singing, dancing, as well as his visuals, and has all the potential,” seeing a strong confidence for Roh JiHoon’s solo debut as a male soloist.

Also, President Hong SeungSong who produced world star Rain, has thought of Rain on first look on Roh JiHoon, suggesting that he might be the 2nd Rain.

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Osen


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