[Arts News] ‘Return of The Family’ Trailer, ‘ Laughs at Yoo DongGeun – Yoon Doojoon Comical Act’

Actor Yoo DongGeun and group BEAST’s Yoon DooJoon have put on a comical act.

On the 8th, the production team for ‘Return of The Family’ has revealed the 1st wave of poster and trailer for their comedy.

In the trailer, actors were seen showing their very own characters, and curiosity of the audiences has risen.

In particular, at the end of the video Yoo DongGeun and Yoon Doojoon’s funny act has caused laughter among the audiences. InTae (acted by Yoo DongGeun) were seen saying to YoungMin (acted by Yoon Doojoon), “It’s all my fault that I didn’t raise you well” as he asked YoungMin to hit him in the butt with a stick. YoungMin who held the stick pulled a long face, but still hit his father. InTae was seen holding back his anger, but YoungMin further asked him to stand in a good posture to prevent hurting his (InTae) back, bringing laughter to those who set eyes on it.

Meanwhile, ‘Return of the Family’ which includes idol stars such as Yoon DooJoon, Hwang KwangHee and Son NaEun, will premier on the 19th next month.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Arts News



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