[Star News] ‘Birth Star’ Roh JiHoon makes Solo Debut.. “7 Hours per day just for Dancing”


Roh JiHoon has released his mini album ‘The Next Big Thing’ as well as title song ‘Being Punished’ on the afternoon of the 7th. On this day, Roh JiHoon has hold a showcase in order to commemorate the release of his mini album.

Roh JiHoon has presented a performance stage for his title song, ‘Being Punished’. ‘Being Punished’ is a song by Brave Brothers, and is a strong pop dance song.

As compared to his ‘Birth Star’ days, Roh JiHoon who appeared with a new style, performed a sexy stage for ‘Being Punished’. He then showed his sweet side with ballads, which differs very much in his ‘Birth Star’ era.

Roh JiHoon has shown an improved side of himself. It was reported that he had worked very hard for his debut as a real singer. Roh JiHoon then performed Usher’s ‘Nice and Slow’, and presented his sexy and masculine side.

He said “The concept this time is as a bad boy. In order to be a bad boy, I’ve practiced a lot in front of the mirror. I think I’m potential to be a bad boy,” while smiling.

Roh JiHoon furthered revealed, “During Birth Star Season 1, I was very desperate, and it seems that I’ve locked myself up”. He then followed, “Cube Entertainment came to me, and I felt thatI can do it again, and so I was reborn.”

Towards his increased dancing skills which have gained attention, Roh JiHoon replied, “Other than singing, I’ve practiced dancing for 7 hours a day.” When asked about his ideal type, he smiled and answered, “Kim Yuna national player”

On his showcase live scene, artists from Cube Entertainment, such as BEAST, 4minute, G.NA and BTOB has revealed a support video.

Cube Entertainment’s President Hong SeungSong also appeared to take charge of Roh JiHoon’s debut.

On this day, in the opening speech by President Hong Seung Song, he expressed, “There are a lot of auditions in Korea. When I first saw ‘Birth Star’ Roh JiHoon, it’s actually because of his smiling face, which makes me having thoughts of ‘I should meet this person.”

President Hong then followed with, ‘Roh JiHoon has changed a lot in a short period. He is indeed a very diligent person” and, “The now Roh JiHoon may not be that, but the future Roh JiHoon will be someone like Jung JiHoon (Rain),” expressing his high anticipation for him.

Followed this, Roh JiHoon showed his confidence, “I will really work hard, and aims to surpass Rain senior someday”

Meanwhile, Roh JiHoon’s debut album includes ‘Being Punished’, ‘Maker’ which features 4minute’s Hyuna, R&B ‘Raining’ and a sweet love song ‘How is it’.

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News



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