[4minute Cafe] 121104 4MINUTE Mini Photo :: HYUNA Music Bank

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3 responses to “[4minute Cafe] 121104 4MINUTE Mini Photo :: HYUNA Music Bank

  1. for the admin & lovely readers

    i want to ask…

    HyunA first solo project is Change right??? did HyunA also realesed a single album?? how much HyunA album is?? (Only HyunA)..

    HyunA only have 2 album right???

    -Bubble Pop!

    but,, what about Change?? is that only a song?? or is there a album too??

    (i’m sorry, my english is bad)…

    • First of all, your English is fine.. ^^

      Hyuna’s solo debut was with ‘Change’ but it’s a single (aka there isn’t an album for her debut)
      And then Bubble Pop and now, Melting… (So yeah, you’re right). =)
      Oh yeah, Not forgetting her collaboration with BEAST’s Hyunseung for Trouble Maker Album..

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank You! ^.^

        i know that,,, i want to collect all 4Minute, HyunA, Trouble Maker album and also T-Ara, Boram, Soyeon and Sistar, Sistar 19 (i love them) [4Minute, T-Ara, Sistar]

        but,, i was open Amazon.. and i was looking for HyunA album “Change” … and there is a result..

        + in We Got Married Season III at JoKwon & Ga-In… there is a time, when Ga-In is ask HyunA… did HyunA know, who is JoKwon first love…

        at that time.. there is a scene when HyunA give her solo album to JoKwon & Ga-In..

        i have (not all) 4Minute album,, like
        -For Muzik
        -Heart To Heart
        -4Minutes Left
        -Volume Up
        -Ready Go (all version)
        -Love Tension (all version)
        -The Best Of 4Minute (all version exc C)
        -I My Me Mine (all version)
        -Volume Up On & Off
        -Heart To Heart (Japan Version and also all Version)

        -Bubble Pop!

        Trouble Maker
        -Trouble Maker

        what 4Minute album that i not have??

        (now my english is WORST)

        + did Superstar & Freestyle is only a song too?

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