[NoCut News] Hyuna, Gayoon, Minhyuk, ‘Sings Tap Water Love’

On last September, 4minute’s Hyuna, Heo Gayoon and BTOB’s Lee MinHyuk filmed the MV for ‘Tap Water Love’ Campaign hosted by Public Relations Council and CBS.

Hyuna expressed, “With Heo Gayoon  and Lee Minhyuk’s harmonization, as well as Hyuna’s energy-overflowing raps it was a campaign song in which we have our same sentiments about it.”

Currently, 4minute’s Hyuna is promoting ‘Ice Cream’, while BTOB Lee Minhyuk is promoting ‘WOW’ and ‘I Know Only Love’.

After coming back with ‘Volume Up’ album, some recent activities of 4minute members were made known, ‘Jiyoon and JiHyun are preparing for various musical and dramas’. BTOB Lee MinHyuk also expressed his thoughts, “We want to be a group that does a wide spectrum of songs and appeals to the mass public. We want to be a talented group that can perform naturally songs of different genre such as dance songs, ballads, band and more.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: No Cut News


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