[Tutorial] Level Up on BTOB Cafe

T/N: There are 3 steps before you can finally be a full member on any cafe.

Step 1: Create DAUM ID

Step 2: Register on Cafe (Most cafes have the same steps, so you can just follow accordingly)

Step 3: Level Up on Cafe (Different Cafe has different questions, please refer to respective tutorials]

[This is a tutorial for Step 3: Level Up on (BTOB) Cafe]

STEP 1:    Go to BTOB Fancafe http://cafe.daum.net/cube-btob

STEP 2:    Look on the left side of the page, scroll down until you see “BTOB Level.up”.

Under it, click on “일반등업”.

STEP 3:   On the top of the page, click on “글쓰기”.

STEP 4:   Select 일반등업 from the drop-down menu.

STEP 5:  Title of the level up form:  BTOB 공식 팬카페 등업 신청

*For STEP 4 & 5, Refer this pic >>http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcl6fdKnTw1rxq2tho1_r1_1280.png

STEP 6:   Fill in the form that appears.

::::: Following are the translations of the level up questions: (Answers are not provided) :::::

1. Please fill in your name/age/gender/residence/nickname.



Gender: (male 남자/female 여자)



2. Please write the 7 members of BTOB’s name and birth year,month,date

* Members age must be in descending order.

(example: 서은광1990.11.22, 이민혁1990.11.29…..)

3. BTOB’s debut date and (first) debut stage

Debut date:

Debut stage:

4.Please write the sitcom name and group’s (in the sitcom) name.

Sitcom name:

Group (in the sitcom) name:

5. Please write down 3 variety programs after their debut.

6. ‘아직도 맘속에 아른아른거린다 다시한번 니가 보고싶어지는 밤” is the lyrics to one of BTOB’s song. Please write down the title of this song, as well as the member’s name who sang this part.

Song title:


7. Reason why you like BTOB members, you must write 2 lines and above.

* No enter/vowel consonant (ex: ㅎ,ㅋ), punctuation, special characters

Example on how the answers should look like for Q7 :



**Nickname rules**

– Up to 7 Hangul characters or 10 English characters- Hangul + English combination is forbidden

ex) 성재러브 (o), 성재LOVE (x)

– Special characters are forbidden.

– BTOB members’ name, agency forbidden in order not to create confusion.

-ex) BTOB, 서은광, 일훈, 프니엘, 큐브엔터, 큐브 and other more are forbidden.

– Words that damages BTOB’s image or reveals their private lives are forbidden.

– Other celebrity names or fandoms are forbidden.

– Meaningless words, sexual words, disgusting words, including accusing and cursing words, and extraterrestrial words are forbidden.

– Person who changed to forbidden nicknames after leveling will be demoted.



(1) Please click forbid (금지) at the end of the post for both 스크랩 and 복사. 

How to change to 금지

1) http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcl72c6ANb1rxq2tho1_1280.png

2) http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcl72c6ANb1rxq2tho2_1280.png

(2) Highlight your answers and change it to white font color.

This would prevent others from ctrl+c and ctrl+v your level up form.

How to change to white font color?


After you have do so, click “확인” to send in your level up form.



How to know if you have level-up?

First method:

*If your level up application is complete, you will find it in 등업완료 category.

If not, it will be in 등업리턴, which means you have made some mistake somewhere.

Second Method:

check your Rank to see if you’ve been upgraded from Associate Member [준회원] to Full Member [정회원].

Use the picture below as a guide.



CREDITS: @MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Tutorial compiled by@MrsSeobB2uty @ MY CUBΞ Family



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