[BNT News] Hyuna, Making of ‘Ice Cream’ Video Revealed, “Cute and Playful Look”

Hyuna has revealed the making of ‘Ice Cream’ video.

On the 23rd October, Cube Entertainment has uploaded the making video onto their official Youtube channel. Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ was released on the 21st and has charted #1 on various music charts.

In this video, PSY who partnered up with Hyuna in ‘Gangnam Style’, together with Hyuna, they have put on a cute yet funny act.

As Hyuna sees PSY eating an Ice-Cream, she couldn’t resist but to laugh.  Together with ‘Icon of sexy performance’ Hyuna, they have shown a different charm.

After his act with Hyuna, he commented, “Congrats very much on Miss Hyuna’s 2nd solo album. I know she has been preparing for some while already, so do please give lots of cheers and love to her” as he expressed his high anticipation for the title track. He then showed his warm side by shouted, “Ice Cream Fighting”

Through her promotions this time round, she has revealed her thoughts of “Please expect Hyuna’s side like 31 (flavors) of Ice Cream”. She then progressed with 3 days of non-stop MV shooting, showing her enthusiastic side.

Meanwhile, Hyuna is confirmed to perform a special comeback together with title song ‘Ice Cream’ on Music Bank which will be aired on the 26th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BNT News


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