[Star News] BTOB Minhyuk, ‘Uncle Tong in Idol World’, Story to name? “Curious ↑”

T/N: Uncle Tong or Tong Ahjusshi (real name Lee YangSeung) is a comedian known for his flexibility.

BTOB’s MinHyuk has boasted about his waist.

Recently, BTOB as a Rookie Group appeared on the recording set of MBC Every1 ‘Weekly Idol’. The members wrote their very own profiles and their very own skills were put to tests.

On this day, member MinHyuk showed off his strong confidence about his waist, and showcased his charms with his waist, hence garnering attention.

In order to proved it, he performed scenes from ‘Old Boy’ on the spot, in which one of it includes Yoo JiTae’s Grasshopper Yoga move, shocking everyone on the set.

Also, Minhyuk continued, “I’m also a champion in Limbo. I successfully passed even the 60cm mark in a competition”, and eventually performed a knee-height limbo effortlessly, showing off his all-round waist capabilities.

MC Jeong HyungDon who witnessed Minhyuk’s scary flexibility in shock, nicknamed him as, ‘Uncle Tong in Idol World’.

BTOB members testified as well, “Minhyuk does his morning exercise with difficult acrobatic moves every morning,”

Meanwhile, BTOB appearance on Weekly Idol will be aired on the coming 24th at 6PM.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News



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