[Sports Hankooki] BEAST, “Stopping with the events, going all in for albums”

BEAST will be beautifully completing this year on the stages in Korea.
Currently, they are hosting their ZEPP tour in Japan, touring around 6 different cities including Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and more. However, the Japan tour will continue until the end of this month and then they will heading back to Korea for more activities. In the release from Cube Entertainment, a staff stated, “We are planning to focus on album activities during the month of November.”

They continued, “For the month of November, we will not have any schedules for BEAST in order to create a mastered album. The members have spoken and they are very eager to complete their year in Korea to thank the fans who helped them to become one of the top groups of this year.”

Despite their promise to different events in the month of November, the members are showing that they are willing to apologize to the fans and stay in Korea instead. It has also been revealed that BEAST members have come to this decision on the 17th after celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Currently the members are putting all their energy into this album since it will be an album they are release in 4 months since the ‘Midnight Sun’ mini album in July. They believe that music is the best gift they can give to their fans so they are determined to raise up BEAST’s music color in the industry.

BEAST is preparing for this album not just musically, but also through there outfits and hairstyle in between the Japanese tour. As soon as BEAST finishes their tour in Toyko on the 30th, they will head back to Korea to put all their energy in mastering their album.




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