[NEWSis] PSY, Thankful for Hyuna’s Horse dance… Therefore, ‘Ice Cream’

Singer, PSY who became a world star with ‘Gangnam Style’ has appeared on 4minute’s member Hyuna’s 2nd mini solo album, title song, ‘Ice Cream’ MV.

According to Hyuna’s management, Cube Entertainment, PSY has made an appearance on the ‘Ice Cream’ MV which was released on music sites such as Youtube on the 22nd.

PSY put on a comical act whereby he entered Hyuna’s ice cream truck and was eating ice cream. As Hyuna discovered, she argued with him.

Previously, Hyuna has danced the ‘Horse Dance’ in ‘Gangnam Style’ MV, which has recorded 500 million views on Youtube on the 20th. Hyuna has also starred as the female lead in the subsequent version of ‘Gangnam Style’ with  ‘Oppa You’re My Style’ MV.

Meanwhile, ‘Ice Cream’ teaser which was released on the 19th has reached 3.2 million views within 3 days.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: NEWSis


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