[Osen] Hyuna MV Teaser, Ban for 15 years old, ‘Truly Sexy Queen’ VS ‘It’s too Wild’

Group 4minute Hyuna’s MV teaser for her solo song ‘Ice-Cream’ has been released. While her thrilling sexy charms are garnering attention, Netizens have their opinions split into mostly two types of responses, “It’s indeed sexy” and “That’s too wild”.

On the 19th, Hyuna has revealed her MV teaser to solo album song, “Ice-Cream”. The unbelievably 21 years old Hyuna had left a strong impression with her sexy charms.

After the MV teaser was released, most of the netizens commented, “It’s unique. Candy to the eyes with her natural sexy charms.” As the teaser was released, Hyuna was quick to rise as 1st on various real time search charts. As to now, she has already hit 40,000 clicks and fast to increase. (Currently 120,000 clicks)

However, some parties pointed out that the teaser was “too wild”. This is because, in the video, Hyuna wore outfits that look like undergarments, made sexy expressions, showed her legs while sitting in bubbles, and posed sexy poses.

Hyuna’s song ‘Ice-Cream’ MV has received a ban whereby 15 years old and below are not allowed to watch it. Some of the netizens voiced, “I can’t believe this 15 years old ban. The teaser itself is sexy, but for this release, I’m equally concerned and excited for it.”

Hyuna with her debut song, ‘Change’ and ‘Bubble Pop’, has allowed her to be recognized globally and hence becoming a hot topic. ‘Ice-Cream’ has indeed received hot attention, and it is possible that it will once again be another remarkable record for her.

‘Ice-Cream’ is a song which fuses a strongly addictive melody and rapping together with a hip hop sound. It is also a song produced by hit maker, Brave Brothers.

Hyuna will be revealing her 2nd mini album on the coming 22nd which includes ‘Ice-Cream’.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Osen


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