[Sports World] BTOB to promote with follow up song ‘I Know Only Love’

Group BTOB will be following up with ‘I Know Only Love’.

BTOB who had received attention for having a witty stage and promoting New Jack Swing title track, ‘WOW’ will be starting on follow up song ‘I Know Only Love’ as a continuous to the retro wave.

Starting from the 18th, BTOB will be performing on ‘I Know Only Love’ on MNet’s MCountdown, and is expected to be able to gain attention.

‘I Know Only Love’ is a dance song that has a powerful sound as well as a addictively strong melody. In particular, this song transforms BTOB into genuine boys where the sensible lyrics is fused with a retro sound, leaving a sorrowful image.

BTOB has presented  exceptional singing skills and overflowing stage manners with ‘WOW’, and has been receiving good remarks in and out of Korea as a one of a kind rookie group. Also, their song was highly praised by the legendary Teddy Riley. BTOB who has taken the world of entertainment with their retro wave, will be following up with their follow up song soon. The fresh new stage performance for ‘I Know Only Love’ has been gaining attention from fans.

BTOB will be showing a different level of performance with ‘I Know Only Love’ and it is expected that they will be emancipating their charismatic and genuine look with their dandy yet retro fashion.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports World


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