[Newsen] BTOB Jung IlHoon, “Follow up promotions start, To show our sexy charisma”

BTOB is to make a sexy transformation.

BTOB’s rapper Jung IlHoon, had a teleconversation with Newsen prior to their follow up stage on the 18th. He expressed, “Follow up song, ‘I Know Only Love’ is an extension to ‘WOW’, but if compared to the liveliness and vibrant ‘WOW’, then ‘I Know Only Love’ is a song where we will be able to show our sexy charisma.”

He added, “We wanted to show more during our first album, but there wasn’t any follow up promotions then. Parts where we were unable to show, (therefore) we wanted to show them more in this album”

Jung IlHoon who personally made the title for ‘I Know Only Love’ explained, “When I first listened to the song, I just felt the name coming to me, and ‘I Know Only Love’ and has included lots of this sentence,’I Know Only Love’, in the lyrics. And that was how it became the title of the song.”

Jung IlHoon continued, “Although the choreograph is not as extensive as the choreograph in ‘WOW’, but it’s still a pleasant one. It was adopted from Hyunshikie-hyung’s idea, and we have included the choreograph that represents, ‘I Don’t Know’ in the song.” Jung Ilhoon smiled while saying, “As compared to first album, the liberal vibe of the song seem to suits to our team. Personalities of our members vary a lot, and so, it suits with this album”

Through this 2nd mini album, Jung IlHoon intends to show a different style of rapping. He said, “During the first album, I lacked a lot. This time as we try the New Jack Swing style, it’s like searching for my style. I practiced a lot too. I don’t think my raps are perfect now. (But) I’ll word harder, and in the next album, I will appear with a look of my own”.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be starting their follow up song, ‘I Know Only Love’ on the 18th on Mnet MCountdown. This dance song has a powerful sound and addictive melody. In particular, this song transforms BTOB into genuine boys where sensible lyrics are fused with a retro sound, leaving a sorrowful image.

BTOB has presented  exceptional singing skills and overflowing stage manners with ‘WOW’, and has been receiving good remarks in and out of Korea as a one of a kind rookie group. Also, their song was highly praised by the legendary Teddy Riley. BTOB who has taken the world of entertainment with their retro wave, will be following up with their follow up song soon. The fresh new stage performance for ‘I Know Only Love’ has been gaining attention from fans.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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