[Sports Hankooki + IlYoSeoul] Hyuna Comeback, Tracklist revealed… Transforms into a Composer for the first time

Prior to 4minute’s Hyuna solo comeback, the tracklist for her album has been revealed.

On the 17th, Hyuna has revealed 5 songs to her new mini album ‘MELTING’ which included title track, ‘Ice-Cream’. As attractive as the title track itself, it was revealed that Hyuna had also personally wrote and composed ‘Very Hot’.

‘Very Hot’ is Hyuna’s first composed/written song ever since her debut. It’s an exciting song that describes the usual side of  Hyuna after walking down from the stage. Riwon who is a friend of Hyuna, has participated as a co-composer in this song. It is said to be an impressive song where it includes both sincere lyrics and sensible melody.

‘Don’t Disturb’ is a rap song that powerfully emancipates a charismatic vibe. ‘Green Apple’ is a fast-paced song that describes a girl who wants to show her innocent charms in front of an innocent boy. Since it’s an image never shown by Hyuna herself, anticipation has quickly escalated. In this song, BTOB’s rapper, Jung IlHoon took part in writing the song, adding even more fun to it.

Other than this, Hyuna has personally written in “To My Boyfriend” which is a song made up of sad lyrics and melody. It is a ballad that is recreated to show Hyuna’s emotional side.

Cube Entertainment expressed, “Hyuna has given a variety of comments regarding its concept and visuals,since her previous album,  taking over the role as a concept director,” and, “She has started studying rap-making, writing lyrics, as well as composing in order to show her different story.”

Hyuna’s new album will be on sales on the 22nd. She will be attending various music programs to meet up with fans.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source:  Sports Hankooki / ilyoseoul


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