[4minute Official] Hyuna’s 2nd Mini Album ‘MELTING’ Official Tracklist

1. Don’t disturb

– Composed by BEATAMIN

– Lyrics by BEATAMIN

– Arranged by BEATAMIN

2. Ice Cream (Feat Maboos)

– Composed by Brave Brothers

– Lyrics by Brave Brothers

– Arranged by Brave Brothers

3. Green Apple (Feat BTOB Jung IlHoon)

– Composed by Seo JaeWoo – Seo YongBae

– Lyrics by Seo JaeWoo – Seo YongBae, Jung IlHoon (BTOB)

– Arranged by Seo JaeWoo – Seo YongBae

4. To My Boyfriend

– Composed by Im SangHyuk, Son YeongJin

– Lyrics by Im SangHyuk, Son YeongJin, Hyuna

– Arranged by Im SangHyuk, Son YeongJin

5. Very Hot

– Composed by S. Tiger, Hyuna, Riwon

– Lyrics by Hyuna, Riwon

– Arranged by S. Tiger


Source: 4minute official website


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