[Star Today] Hyuna’s new song,”Adult version of ‘Change’.. New Bohemian Concept”

As information of Hyuna’s new song ‘Ice-Cream’s concept has been revealed, it has started to attract attention.

Cube Entertainment has revealed her very first teaser on the 15th. As regards to the pictures, they expressed that, “It was filmed using the New Bohemian concept” and, “It is to show Hyuna eating and sleeping in the car.”

In one shot, Hyuna was seen wearing stockings while in another, she was seen barefooted with a blanket in the car. Through her living conditions, a New Bohemian vibe can be felt. Jacket pictures revealed on this day have shown Hyuna’s both distinctive sexy gaze yet cute expressions, as well as her entangled hairstyle.

The music itself is indeed the same as the New Bohemian style concept. A representative spoke, “It’s a song that maximizes Hyuna’s only charms. We want to show an adult version of ‘Change’ “. ‘Adult version’ emphasizes on an adult’s freedom rather than on its glam and exposure.”

Hyuna’s title song, “Ice-Cream’ is a Hip Hop song that uses strong sound. Since it’s collaborated firstly between hit producer Brave Brothers and Hyuna, it has started to become a hot topic.

Her 2nd mini solo album, which includes title track, ‘Ice-Cream’ will be released on the 22nd on various online music sites.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today


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