[BEAST Cafe] (Dongwoon) 3

October 16th today as you all know is the day of our 3rd year anniversary.
2009 October 16th wearing white clothes and singing our debut song it’s still very clear in my eyes.
3 years, during that time many things have changed.
Firstly I was a minor but now I’m looking to turn 23
And during fansignings most of our fans were noonas but
Now most of them call me oppa
Also when we went to events we didn’t have songs to sing so we even sang our intro but
Now we choose the songs we’re going to sing today.
The 6 of us used to live in a cramped space but now we all gather together
And we can eat together
So many things happened to us and
Many things changed.
Of course there was our effort of going to schedules here and there but
Because there were fans who were interested in us and followed us and cheered for us loudly
I believe that everything was possible.
Everyday is tough and lonely but because of all of you that steadily support us
There is no gap to get exhausted^^

I understand that all of you are upset that we are overseas
When it is our 3rd year anniversary.
Still we’ll finish it well and return so pray for us so we can do well^^
I hope that you guys will cheer up through the live streaming tomorrow!
I feel shy so I don’t express it well but
You know that all 6 of us are always feeling thankful right?
We will silently walk the path we need to go.
Of course there will be tiring and tough days but thinking of you guys
I will move forward step by step
Thank you always and with the words I love you I will end this off

CREDITS: playb2st (SOURCE); poco123 @ B2STRISING.COM (TRANS)


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