[SBS E! News] BTOB, Almost debuted with ‘Arirang’?


Group BTOB revealed that they almost debuted with (the name) ‘Arirang’.

On the 14th of the broadcast of Power FM (107.7MHz) ‘Bom Youngstreet’, BTOB appeared as special guests and presented their new song.

When asked about their hard phase during their comeback, they answered, “To understand the 90s vibe was hard. Although the song is not as hard as other genre, but the performance was  difficult, and we’ve researched on many music videos then.”

Also, it was revealed that their new song, ‘WOW’ was named coincidentally, hence giving rise to attention. Rapper IlHoon sang a lot of ‘WOW’ adlibs during the recording, and it was later then decided that the title track to be titled, ‘WOW’.

In fact, BTOB’s actual team name was not BTOB. It was revealed that there were some names nominated, and they have named a few of them. Eunkwang shyly said, “Arirang, Asian King, Sonic, and also 74 (Sventy four) and more.”

He then followed, “Our senior, G.NA from our agency initially named us ‘Boys To Boys’ which actually meant ‘Boys will always be boys’. But it was later changed to ‘Born To Beat’ (born for the beat)”

Meanwhile, BTOB are currently promoting a 90s title track, ‘WOW’, and their talented side has attracted even fans in their 30s and 40s.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: SBS E News


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