[Osen] “Hyuna, This time it’s stronger”.. Entertainment Industry goes ‘anxious’

On the coming 17th, Hyuna who will be making her solo comeback, is heard to be coming back with a even ‘stronger’ concept, and hence have gathered attention from around.

Her last release, ‘Bubble Pop’, a year ago, emphasized on her fresh and cute charms. This time round, it is expected that she will be showing an even more sexier side of herself. Although it has yet to be revealed, the overall concept has become a hot issue.

A representative from Cube Entertainment said, “She is currently working hard in order to show a more mature look compared to existing activities. Overall, it should be able to receive stronger feel,” as anticipation further grows.

The entertainment industry was in a state of anxiousness since a month ago, as they grow alert towards her actual comeback date. With every provocative comebacks she made, (her comeback) is now becoming a hot topic. It is expected that she will once again be the object of the issue this time too. Moreover, Hyuna who starred in PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ video, which has reached 500 million views, was seen gaining even hotter responses from abroad.

Famous for her unique sexiness, as her song name alone, ‘Ice-Cream’ was revealed on the 10th, has raised many question such as if it will be yet another sensational song.

Her 2nd mini album, ‘MELTING’, which includes title track, ‘Ice-Cream’ is a song produced by Brave Brothers. Cube Entertainment explained, “It’s a sweet and provocative song that expresses the ‘moment’ when ice-creams or hearts melt.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Osen



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