[TV Daily] (Healing Tarot Interview) BTOB’s unspeakable worries?

The moment their dreams of ‘idols’ are being realized, a set of restless marathon starts.

It’s not only the days they practiced to prepare themselves for debut, even after when they hold the title ‘idol singers’,  they can’t avoid the cutthroat competitions in the industry. In order to climb a step ahead of others, nation’s idols are fated not to have even short breaks.

Agency of BEAST, 4minute and G.NA, Cube Entertainment’s 4th launch was a 7-members male group BTOB, and they are not an exception either. Despite having solid talents and strong ambition, among the members, there are still unspeakable frustrations and worries that exist.

BTOB who are both excited worried with their upcoming latest album Press Play, along with title track “WOW” promotion activities, has finally took the time for a tarot healing session.

On this day, ‘Tarot Master’ Juno interpreted the meanings of tarot cards about the ‘relationship between celebrities and media representatives’ in this tarot healing session.

☆Hyunshik’s Question☆

– “Will this title track, ‘WOW’ turn out well?”

In the past, because of not having a big existence, if it’s hard to attract people, then it’s time to move onto a new era now. Rather than chasing for money and fame, if you put on a purely  ‘having to show a better look’ heart, you are able to reach places you want to be. As compared to being fearful without even trying, try to think of it as an adventure and move forward with a passion.

☆Minhyuk’s Question☆ 

– “I’m curious about BTOB’s wealth luck”

It seems like you’re worried about your wealth right now. But it’s actually coming from a pure heart. Rather than yourselves, you want to earn more money for your family or for those around you. In the future, there is such time when there are many work and relevant contracts as well as revenue coming in, which means it’s the time your wealth will be upgraded to the next level.

☆IlHoon’s Question☆ 

– “Is there anything that BTOB should be careful of during the promotion this time round?”

You may not be able to bear wounds from people, and your body may feel pain as well. You could hurt the members next to you if you’re rushing (too fast) in the future. So, don’t forget to grab and pat each other, and run forward together. Do not find faults with other members, and it’s easier to reach your destination if you just hold each others’ hands. BTOB is a group that should say ‘Daebak’. Say it nicely with every words, and you will get it (daebak) a lot from around.


☆Sungjae’s Question☆ 

– “Will BTOB be a long-living group?”

BTOB wanting to be like its name itself, it’s possible to say that. Till you climb to that position, there will surely be times when you have serious worries and temptations .However, if you’re able to solve it wisely, you will be a king-like group.
☆Changsub’s Question☆ 

– “If BTOB were to appear on entertainment programs…”

There is a high possibility that you will fail in your first appearance on entertainment programs. “Why are you so still?”, “You, over there, why can’t you do it?”, there may be such comments surfacing. But these mistakes will upgrade BTOB’s entertainment capability. (BTOB) Is actually a group that has a lot of potential in variety skills. Compare to the money earned  (from variety programs), through appearance on variety shows, your name will be well-known.

☆Eunkwang’s Question☆ 

– “Will BTOB shoot for a CF within this year?”

Members who want to shoot a CF should let your intentions to be known first. Your agency’s top person may not know that you’re a different group that puts in effort in obtaining fruitful results. BTOB members needs to be active in appealing about things you want to do. With this, you’ll be able to gain more opportunities.

☆Peniel’s Question☆ 

– “How’s the prospect in BTOB’s overseas activities?

As compared locally, BTOB is a group that gains more popularity overseas. It’s not just one country but from lots of different places. America and countries from the European side bring more positive responses than Japan. Especially in China, you will be receiving popularity like  heroes. With such unusual situation, there will be times where you’ll be confused, but if you’re able to survive through this circumstances, your name will be known well in overseas too.

After around an hour of magical tarot readings, the 7 members of BTOB were amazed with a continuum of “Wow, really?” remarks.

Since they are able to put forward their worries before the promotions during this short break (?) and seek answers to their questions, BTOB members has shown their curiosity-filled looks and bright eyes.

(Hyunshik) “It’s really amazing that we can predict BTOB’s future through tarot cards in smartphones apps or computer. Good cards really make me feel happy.”

(IlHoon) “Today, together with the members, and just like the ‘healing’ goal of the tarot cards, it seems like we have gained confidence. In the future too, I think we are able to answer to our promotions’ question and get a hint from it.”

(Minhyuk) “It’s good to experience something that is different from the usual. Those frustrations we had previously seems to have been solved, so I’m happy and it’s exciting. This activity has allow us to have more strength in our promotions this time round.”

(Sungjae) “(If I have) music and effort, then name and fame will come in eventually…I thought of my dad’s words. It seems like the mindset of ‘you should really work hard’ is  in me again.”

(Changsub) “It’s like a rain in the drought, we’ve spend a very beneficial day. (Eye smiles) Frustrations and worries got much lesser, and we are able to find good directions to solve it, allowing us to search for a better way of living. It’s really good”

(Eunkwang) I’m actually a devoted Christians, so perhaps it’s because I don’t really trust tarot, rather than feeling amazed, it seems like it’s logical.Different thoughts by each members were presented so it’s good and it’s really a healing session. I had a meaningful time”

(Peniel) “This is my first time trying tarot reading. It’s fun. hehe”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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