[1st Person – Part 1] Notes after BEAST MV filming

Notes after BEAST MV filming (This post does not mention about any whatsoever MV concepts, styles, songs) If you don’t want to read it, please don’t read.

The original CN version: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/a03f1315jw1dunkxgykipj.jpg

I am not a BEAST fan, I have my own favorite group to support, but I listen to BEAST’s songs, so I really like them. And also, I’ve seen them on varieties, so I have a little knowledge about them. It’s a coincident that I’ve become part of the filming crew. Anything related to MV such as concepts, hair styles or songs, will not be mentioned here, I will just touch on those little behind the scenes. Please credit as necessary.

1. Son Dongwoon was really friendly, although his English wasn’t really good, he definitely dare to talk in English.

2. During break time, Dongwoon asked a few American ladies their age, they said 16 or 19. Americans look like 20 or 30s even though they’re at their teens, so Dongwoon was a little shocked. He later admitted that he’s 22 years old! And asked everyone to call him Oppa~

3. Doojoon looks as if he asked people around him, how old was Yoseob. There’s some of them guessed 16.

4. Yoseob seems to be very tired, his eyes was a little red, because we were shooting under the hot weather for the whole day, the night scene even contained more tiring contents. I felt as if he was about to cry (Probably I was too sad for him, and he looks cute), but the moment he started filming, he gave in his 100%!~

5. There’s once when Kikwang danced too happily, and almost fell off from the small stage, those surrounding the stage held on to him, then only he was able to find his balance.

6. Son Dongwoon used English to converse with others. While I used my half-past-six Korean to talk with him. He was so surprised and asked if I was a Korean. I told him that I’m a Chinese, and he said that I’m good in Korean~

7. After filming, and we’re back to the waiting room, Half of it, is for their use, and the other half, is for our use. Inside there, there were 2 toilets. (During this filming, 90% of the crew were westerners, since the production team don’t really focus on Asian faces. Only 5 of them really like them, so Beast’s whatsoever actions will not be taken note of) Dongwoon went to one side of the toilet, there was someone in there, so he waited outside. I saw that no one was using the other toilet, so I went there to ask him to go there. He directly used Korean to ask me if there’s a toilet there, and I said yes. After he knew that I knew Korean, every time, he would converse with me in Korean straight, and he looked happy about it~

8. Towards the final shoot, everyone was exhausted to the max, Finally it was done, and everyone was happy. While we were celebrating, the members came and high-5 with us. Yoseob was no where to be found, so they shouted their name. He heard it, saw it, therefore he came and high-5 my hand, the best moment of the night~

9. I asked Dongwoon when will he go back to Korea, he said he doesn’t know. (I said this in Korean very badly, but surprisingly, he understood after one sentence, amazing~)

10. When I asked Junhyung if there’s any concerts in America, (I said this very accurately, but he couldn’t even understand after I repeated it for 3 times…) But in the end, he said it’s not confirmed yet~

11. Dongwoon was playing games around with the ladies, asking them to guess what does it mean in Korean~

12. Because Dongwoon was really friendly, and his looks are quite international, ladies on the spot love him the most, and everyone wanted to take a picture with him. They even said that, if Beast wanted to have a tour around, they will bring them around to play. Our maknae-ah, you’re too popular already~

13. Kikwang and Hyunseung were very quiet throughout, but during the shoot, they immediately become very committed~ After the shoot, when we took pictures, however, Hyunseung actually did a mehrong (sticks out tongue and pulling a childish face), totally cute~

14. Usually when I see them on TV, they don’t look thin. But when meeting them in person, they looked really thin, even thinner than expected~

15. While in the waiting room filled with people, Kikwang walked around half naked……………..~

16. Last of all, we’re about to leave. but they still have to continue filming. It’s already 1am midnight. Before we left, Dongwoon said goodbye to us friendly, Yoseob who’s at the side, although he was tired, he became bright and bid us goodbye, all are good kids-ah~~

17. After the shoot, everyone took pictures. It was clearly forbidden from taking pictures, but I couldn’t imagine that I still can get this benefit at the end. Dongwoon, Hyunseung, Doojoon and Junhyung was really nice and took pictures with everyone. At first, I was actually afraid of Junhyung, I felt as if he’s a person not easy to talk to, but he’s really nice, I really wanted to use “gentle” this word, to describe him~~

18. Too bad, while taking pictures, we couldn’t find Yoseob. Asked Hyunseung his whereabouts, Hyunseung looked around and cutely said, “I don’t know-eh”. Probably he wasn’t feeling well, so he went home early. But actually at the end, I had the chance to take a picture with him, he definitely wouldn’t say no, but looking at him.. I just couldn’t…..~~
So far, I can only think of this much.. I will add on if I remembered anything.. On the whole, their American trip was really tiring, coming to New York with such hot weather, filmed for 10+ hours a day, actors may take their break, but who’s there to replace them~~? We took for 4 hours, but they had to continue their shoot even after us leaving. That moment, I felt that celebrities are not easy to be. This Comeback, everyone please give in your support!

PS: I actually planned on writing a short note, but didn’t know there’s so much to write…. now that I think of it, I couldn’t even believe what I had experienced…

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Credits: 閃亮的貓  @ weibo


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  1. wah this is amazing 😀 your soo lucky can i ask what job you do.. like whats it called sounds cool and fun 😀

  2. wow! now i’m really getting more excieted than before >_<

    Thanks for sharing and translated this~!! ^^

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