[Newsen] ‘Hitmaker’ Big Bottle’s unexpected popularity! Even producers are surprised!

Recently, MBC Variety Program ‘Hitmaker’ has been making highlights as they produce group ‘Big Bottle’, which consists members YookDuk (BTOB Yook Sungjae), WangKong (GOT7 Jackson), DulBaekGi and HyukDdi (VIXX N and Hyuk).

* Stage names and their meanings:
YookDuk: Six Virtues
WangKong: King Kong
DulBaekGi: White Stone
HyukDdi: Chinese Zodiac Hyuk

The center of ‘Showtime’ and ‘Hitmaker’ is none other than Yoon MiJin PD. Starting off as spin-off of ‘Weekly Idol’, the great responses from the show proved its growing success. Bound to air its last episode on 19th August, Yoon MiJin PD had a simple interview with Newsen.

▲ Where did you get the idea of producing a program of a different concept with Jung HyungDon and Defcon?

- As we shoot for ‘Weekly Idol’, Jung HyungDon and Defcon delivered their ‘needs’ for producing. We talked and laughed about it comfortably, and there’s how the birth of this program. Also, both of them are easy around idol groups, so we were curious of the outcome if they gather members from different groups. Coincidentally, it falls on the same year as ‘Weekly Idol’ 3rd anniversary, so it’s not that bad of a plan to promote this variety.

▲Yook Sungjae, Jackson, N and Hyuk have been selected as members for ‘Big Bottle’, were there any special reasons?
– BTOB, GOT7 are idols that grab the most attention on ‘Weekly Idol’, They were nominees for the show and they came together after some coordination in their schedules. As the shoot goes on, their chemistry became better than expected, and we are glad that they fit well. Jackson has been an eye-catching friend on Weekly Idol, all producers have unanimously chose Jackson. He’s always creating funny episodes with HyungDon too.

▲VIXX has never been on Weekly Idol though.
– That’s true, they couldn’t appear on ‘Weekly Idol’ broadcast due to their busy schedule. But, VIXX are friends that have quite a strong potential, and their fandom is one of the most stable fandoms among rookie groups. We hope that they will have the chance to be on ‘Weekly Idol’ through this program.

▲ Big Bottle’s dedicated looks on broadcast left a strong impression.
– For promoting idol groups to appear on ‘Hitmaker’, it is indeed a tough choice to make. As they appear on broadcast, we feel thankful that they did it diligently. Yook Sungjae has a really strong passion for ‘Big Bottle’ and shows committed effort in it. N and Hyuk challenged an unfamiliar concept, but we thank them for making it interesting. Jackson, on the other hand, easily lifts the mood up with his free and wild style, and we’re happy and thankful for that.

▲ ‘Big Bottle’ fancafe has reached more than ten thousand members. Did you expect this influence?
– I’m quite surprised too. We didn’t expect that the response would be that big. The producer team were having thoughts when we first started this program, ‘hopefully the cast would participate interestingly’, ‘We hope it won’t be a disadvantage to promoting groups.’ Therefore, we were extra meticulous about it. But with fans great responses, we are extremely grateful.

▲ You will be releasing ‘Stress Come On’ on 20th August afternoon. Do you expect good results on music charts?

- ‘Hitmaker’ will be airing the MV on 19th August alongside its last episode, and release on music charts the next day. It’s not easy to predict regarding the music chart, but we hope that it will receive the same amount of attention from fans as on the music charts. We don’t think it will ‘explode’ onto charts. Nevertheless, if it reached top spot, we would be happy.

▲ Some are asking if they would go on music stations, like Show Champion.

- We talked about going on music shows during our planning stage, but it is difficult to coordinate all schedules from three groups. Perhaps they may have their debut-cum-goodbye stage on ‘Weekly Idol’. About going on broadcast if they achieve #1 on music charts… well that.. I don’t know too.

▲They were talks about a series (of ‘Hitmaker’) to be a fixed program on TV broadcast.

- There’s nothing firm we can say right now. It’s difficult to be part of the fixed programs, but it’s possible for a continuous series during holiday seasons. We are discussing it positively. It is possible for members to change too – be it, existing members, totally new members or changes in some members. The thoughts of the existing members are important too. There are various possibilities to this.

▲ You are grateful towards MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon

- That’s true. The members of Big Bottle did well, but MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon put in lots of effort in various parts. Although it is a 4-episode program, they have participated in the concept, as well as producing and writing for Big Bottle’s title track. Both of them are always dedicated colleagues, and we are even thankful for them. It feels like we have to deliver our heart to them.

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[TV Daily] BTOB Yook Sungjae transforms from Boy to Man in ‘Nine Boy’

아홉수 소년 육성재

Idol group BTOB member Yook Sungjae has turned into young Judo man. He has raised attention for stripping away from ‘flower boy idol’ as he now emancipates manlier charms with his new transformation.

Yook Sungjae will be playing the role of  Kang MinGoo in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Nine Boy’. Kang MinGoo is a young man that wish to further his studies in a university that is famous for its Judo club.

Kang MinGoo is a 19 year-old who wish to be a manly and sexier guy . His role describes one of the most important crisis a 19-year old guy will face.

In order to portray the character well, it was revealed that Yook Sungjae went for Judo practices diligently. His agency spoke to TV Daily, “He had practiced really hard on Judo skills even before the shooting starts. You’ll definitely feel a different charm as compared to his current image.”

Previously, Yook Sungjae plays Go Ara’s younger brother, SsukSsukie, in ‘Reply 1994′. He had appealed with both cute and playful charms then. This time round, anticipation is flying high for his transformation and upgraded acting skills.

This drama production is scripted by Park Yoomi who has written for KBS ‘Sponge’ and MBC ‘We Got Married 4′. Famous Yoo HakChan PD also participated in this drama. Yoo PD took part in the well-known production ‘Reply 1994′  last year and has therefore heightened attention for his next production, ‘Nine Boy’.

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[OSEN] Cube Entertainment Noh HyunTae, “Cube is now capable to make that jump.”

Singers’ managers are often highly broad in skills, but being shrouded behind is their job.

In dramas or movies, managers are often being overrated, as such, there is a general bad perception on those who are into this profession. That said, a manager is the person who planned activities for artists, and worked diligently for the growth of the company.

Prior to its flotation, Cube Entertainment’s Vice President Noh HyunTae is one of them. He started his profession in SM entertainment and is one of those elite managers that produced outstanding artists. He is the mastermind behind 20 general managers, who manages artists, broadcasts, media promotions and various activities, with the aim to achieve 27 billion Won sales revenue for Cube this year.

Cube Entertainment houses 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, Kim Kiri and more, while subsidiary Cube DC includes Rain, Roh JiHoon etc. In the last year, Cube’s total sales revenue was recorded at 22.9 billion Won. This are the results reaped by 60 employees and their endless effort. We have met up with Vice President Noh HyunTae in Cube Cafe.

# BEAST’s vocals are their strongest point

OSEN (‘O’) – In truth, Cube Entertainment has been mentioned as one of the bigger agencies for some time now, how would you evaluate Cube’s phase?

Noh HyunTae (‘N’) – I think Cube is now a frog that has its legs all grown out now, and is capable to make that jump. Our preparations to leap are almost coming to an end.

O – Being able to jump is good. So, in your opinion, why is it necessary for a flotation?

N – From the perceptive of the company, we will  invest in singers and employees, the environment will be more systematized, and we are anticipating that. We believe that he scale of promotions will be greater, and there will be more inflow of skillful human capital into the company. In particular, we think that overseas operations as a good opportunity for us to expand even further. The existing structure poses to be a limitation. We believe that with the listing, it would be easier for us to invest in human capital where we can obtain great ideas and better opportunities.

O – In fact, Cube made extreme progress in 2011, which allows itself to be one of the bigger agencies in 2012.

N – That’s true. With the sudden growth now, we also experienced some growing pain too. We will try to jump even further after the flotation.

O – What is the most important project this year?

N – There is no one person that is not important. But if I have to choose, it would be BTOB. (laughs) BTOB needs much growth. BEAST and 4minute needs to maintain their top position. We are also in midst of preparations to launch a new rookie girl group soon.

O – Honestly, BTOB’s early grades aren’t that good.

N – We feel that it’s because they weren’t able to meet a good timing, that’s the reason why. The industry was saturated and there are many (groups with the) same concept. It’s not easy to differentiate themselves and to show their real talents, so it was really hard. Therefore, time is needed. Their last promotions, ‘Beep Beep’ has shown some direction. For sure, they will ace it if they were to make a comeback this summer!

O – Looking at it, BEAST was fast in settling their top spots. (laughs) It’s already their 6th year since debut, but yet they’re always popular. What is their secret?

N – There are many factors but the most important factor would be their vocals. Each member has different vocals. BEAST sings their parts individually, because they want to live up each of their unique vocals.

O – ‘No More’ and other similar ballad songs have done well.

N – That song was almost dumped. The manager-in-charge suddenly said it was a ‘stunning song’ and that was how things went. After listening to it, I felt it was good as well. Yong JunHyung left this song in the computer’s hard disk. The manager was the one who found it. I’ve then went forward to president to show him and that was how we gained approval.

O – Looking at the industry lately, BEAST is most likely the first boy group to be on top spots despite not coming from the Big 3.

N – That’s the essence, of course. BEAST members have always been amazing in their teamwork. There were many twists and turns even when they debut, which is why they treat their fans better.

# From an engineering student to a manager

O – You’ve graduated from a famous technology university, how did you become a manager?

N – I graduated as an IT engineer. That time, my sister’s senior in her school was an SM manager. I thought it was fun to enter into SM’s online business department, that was part of my major subject. I thought I would work as a person who sits in front of a computer, but they suddenly gave me a manager’s responsibility. I was tricked. (Laughs) I thought to myself to perhaps learn a little as a manager, but in the end, I became a manager continuously.

O – Didn’t you thought of just quitting?

N – When I was about to quit, a superior manager hyung suddenly passed away. That time, I was in charge of BoA and we have grown close, so it’s hard to just quit. Since young, I was an avid fan of music too. My father was a hotel reservation officer and always brought me to concerts. I’ve even taken a shot with Seo Taiji and the boys. (laughs)

O – When was the first time that you feel interesting as a manager?

N – When BoA was climbing onto her stairs to fame with ‘Number One’. BoA stood on stage to receive the MTV Asia Award in Singapore. I was a driver and a person who was in charge of everything, including working overnight, overseeing current issues, meetings. Although those were effort coming not only from me, but I felt proud that the stage turned out well. After that, Lee SooMan teacher-nim said that he had ‘met a real manager’. I still can’t forget that moment. Up till then, I was into the organization for 2~3 years. I view him as a director and someone who I work for. I thought of him as being a calm and distant person. But surprisingly, it was my first time knowing him as a warm person then.

O – When was it when you left SM Entertainment?

N – Around the end of 2005. Although I liked to stay in SM Entertainment, the marketing activities itself is really difficult. That’s when I left the company and start to work in advertisement company in Singapore.

O – But you have returned.

N – That’s true. (laughs) I think I’m addicted to this field. In 2009, I’ve joined Cube Entertainment.

O – You were highly influenced by SM’s direction and Cube Entertainment’s Hong SeungSong president was a representative from JYP Entertainment. That makes it a meeting between JYP and SM? (laughs)

N –  President-nim is really a humane person. He’s a person who place strong focus on the importance of human capital. Employees and singers are all the same in his eyes. He’s a person who even received suggestions from employees. I think that’s by far the atmosphere in Cube Entertainment differs the most (from other companies). That’s how other agencies see us too.

O – 4minute and BEAST has been successful. Was it within your prediction?

N – It’s not that we predicted their success, but we just only work towards their success. It’s the same now too, but Cube now burns more midnight oil in the office. Everyone is a workaholic. When I was a bachelor, my normal off time would be 4 o’clock in the morning.  On the next day, I would start work at 8AM to prepare documents for broadcast programs. But since I’m a newlywed now, I’ve restrained myself to work around 1AM. (laughs)

# Frustrates about the next 10 years of idol industry

O – What duties do you have to work such hardworking. (laughs) It must be hard to choose just one exact role of a manager’s responsibility.

N – Yes. Sometimes we’re like mothers, sometimes like fathers. We can be an Oppa or a Noona too. It’s like we have many roles in a family. We have to stand on their side during both triumphs and disasters. From the birth of artists to standing on stages, everything is your responsibility. We have to coordinate artists, staffs, composers, reporters, PDs and representatives from broadcast. (Noh HyunTae married Son JiWon PD who is in charge of KBS ‘Happy Together’) This is how I ‘raised my kids’, he continuously said.

O – Artists management is perhaps the hardest. (Laughs)

N  – It’s really important to manage artists. We have to take in considerations of dorms, lessons, academic and even their personal lives.

O – Honestly, managers are often have the mindset that they’re big and scary people.

N – That’s the past. (Laughs) Managers now need to be creative. You can’t sell 100 million albums if you do nothing. The media industry is always changing everyday. The international response towards K-POP is changing at all times too. It’s our job to think of solutions for our next promotional activities.

O – What would be your biggest frustration?

N – Other senior agencies have brought up the KPOP wave. We have to think of the next step now. In order to stay relevant in the industry, we are always thinking of our 10-years strategy.

O – The idol industry has already become saturated. Looking at music charts alone, it felt like it has become mainstream..

N – Those are our concerns. Still, we look positively of singers in their 90s. If the music is good, it will be good to listen to it again. For now, although there are many idols now, when the situation calms down, those idols having great skills will have the spotlight.

O – What do you think is the motivation for that spotlight?

N  – For me, I think colors of their music. We get a nostalgic feel when we listen to god, Fly to the Sky etc. We are watching closely on that.

O – Cube artists look like friendly people. They have the neighborhood Oppa or Dongsaeng vibe.

N – I think that’s the president-nim’s colors.

# If singers don’t get #1, we feel apologetic
O – How is the relationship between the company and its artists?

N – Come to think of it, our parents fight too, so it’s natural for us to fight too? Therefore, mediation is important. The members would always talk with the management. If without this bridge, small misunderstandings would become big too. Especially since president-nim wants everything to be open, even our accounting records are checked every three months. In truth, the company is responsible for their future, as they were with us even during schooling days. We feel that it’s our responsibility to be the key to open up their future.

Q – It doesn’t sound easy.

N – There were times that you’ll feel frustrated just playing the role of a shadow. We worked hard for artists and when things didn’t turn out well, we would feel disappointed and lonely too. (Laughs) But to think on the other hand, I’m a person who has difficulty in giving warm words to them. This is the dilemma of being a manager.

O – When was your first time feeling touched?

N – When 4minute won their first #1 award with ‘Muzik’. It was Cube’s very first award. All the sleepless nights paid off, and I cried a lot. It’s difficult when artists weren’t able to get #1. Above all, we felt apologetic. It’s like we have become criminals.

O – What was your most memorable moment?

N – Erm. It was really difficult during 4minute’s Volume Up’. I’ve started to grow even more sensitive  for 4minute among other Cube artists. Perhaps it’s because they were our first artists. Even if they don’t do well for a while, it felt really bad within. I remembered not being able to enter their waiting room, and had to leave instead.


# Cube singers are always kind, so…

O – From the point view of the artist, it’s easy to put all the blame onto the agency. There were many cases like this.

N – Fortunately, Cube artists are always kind. I’m not just simply saying about it, it is true that they are kind. We do have comments as well. Everytime when album promotions end, we hear what they want to do and try to do our best to give it a try. We may give them more schedules like, dramas, variety shows but at times, proposals like an album or project has to be rejected. It’s hard doing just based on the management’s capability. Although we hope that their wish would come true, but the final outcome is important too. Every time that happens, we feel sorry, of course.

O – Who talks the most though? (Laughs)

N – G.NA and Hyuna talks a lot. Among BEAST, it’s either Kikwang or JunHyung. (Laughs)

O – Singers are stars, right? When they have ranked higher in terms of popularity, I think there would be conflicts with the management. Were there any moments where it’s hard to ‘control’?

N – That doesn’t happen. It’s their career, and ultimately the company has to respect that too. There were times when they would argue with department chiefs or team leaders (normally in late 20s with 5~7 years of experience). (Laughs) But the members and staffs are all kind person. We resolve those arguments with good food when we’re abroad.

O – How’s the daily life of a manager?

N – We would make 1~200 telephone calls a day.

O – That’s ridiculous. As reporters, we make frequent phone calls to, but a comparison is impossible. Even if we’re busy, the most we would have is like 100 calls a day. (laughs)

N – That’s true. That’s why I don’t make phone calls when I’m at home. I’m the the type that would talk a lot of nonsense, so the conversation period is always long. (Laughs)

O – If you were to choose the busiest moment?

N – It was during BEAST’s ‘Beautiful Night’. We prepared for broadcast in Gwanghwamun for SBS ‘Inkigayo’ comeback stage. It was really hot and we suffered some technical problems. So, we could only start at 11pm. We worked the whole day and coordination was needed. It was my first time having sweat all over. But of course, fans’ safety comes first. It was really hot and we fear that they might faint. So we personally bought them PatBingSoo (shaved ice) and cleaning work too. We were really busy. When that episode was aired at a later date, I was thrilled.

O – BEAST has relatively more younger fans, so you do have to consider them at all times.

N – During concert, there would be more fans than the one in Gwanghwamun. We stopped half way on their first concert. They had performed two songs, but we felt that we have to step in. We stopped the concert to ask fans to calm down. I was really anxious.

O – Do you look after fans’ responses too?

N – I read each and every comment. Then we work hard to reflect their thoughts. In particular, we seemed to have gained praises for BEAST’s comeback this time round, and it felt good. (Laughs)

# Singers are after all, their colors.

O  – Up till now, how many trainees are there in Cube Entertainment?

N – Average around 20 persons. We will be debuting a girl group this year. It may be next year if we decide to postpone slightly later.

O – Have you established your strategy?

N – I think its their vocals and their song. I see vocal uniqueness as the most important aspect to gain loves from the public.

O – Oh yes, how is Rain doing now? It was a hot issue when he joined Cube.

N – He’s like any other singers in any agency. He’s friendlier because of his friendship with President-nim. Rain is in negotiations on drama productions, including upcoming dramas are being discussed. So, he’s being really careful on this. We have also talked a lot about his future plans.

O – So Cube is eyeing to achieve a 4 billion Won profit.

N – If our projects turn out well, it will be highly possible. We are heading towards 4 billion Won. (Laughs) Overseas revenue comes 4~5 months after the performance, so we see good trends in the next half year. Therefore, the second half year will have higher sales. BEAST’s income too will be received in that period too. If you look internally, Cube is really burning their fire for 24 straight hours. There are many possible prospect, but we will show the results soon enough.

O – What is your most anticipated moment this year?

N – There are many big projects. Overseas responses are good in particular. 4minute are receiving love calls from Europe and China. G.NA is currently learning Mandarin. There are long-term concert proposals coming in too. BTOB has already start to gain quite exceptional amount of love calls from Japan. That’s because they were active in overseas promotions since debut.

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[Star News] BTOB Seo Eunkwang to challenge on ‘100 Seconds War’


BTOB member Seo Eunkwang will be making an apparance on ‘100 Seconds War’.

According to relevant broadcast representative, Seo Eunkwang have participated in the show on the 9th of June.

As the main vocalist of BTOB, Seo Eunkwang will be competing against prominent vocalists, with the aim to be ‘Top 3 Voice’

Previously, Seo Eunkwang and BTOB members appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song’ and had sung legendary composer Son SukWoo’s ‘Bright Full Moon’. They put on exciting and glamorous performance that day, hence, garnering attention from the public.

Seo Eunkwang will be showing a totally different look as compared to ‘Immortal Song’ in order to captivate audience’s attention.

The ‘100 Seconds War’ episode in which Eunkwang will appeared in will be aired on the 17th of June.

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[StarNews] 4minute SoHyun and BTOB IlHoon cast their very first vote today

“It felt like I’m really an adult now.”

Girl group 4minute’s youngest member Kwon SoHyun has put on a proud smile as she cast her very first vote today.

About 1.45PM today (4th May), Kwon SoHyun cast her votes in an elementary school around CheongDamDong.

In her white blouse and blue jeans, Kwon SoHyun revealed her thoughts, “I’m really nervous since it’s my first vote.”

Although she has been busy making preparations for 2014 Dream Concert which will be held on 7th May, SoHyun was determined to cast her precious vote today.

Kwon SoHyun expressed her thoughts with Star News, “I’ve already decided who to vote for after much considerations” and, “Having to cast my vote, now I felt like I’m an adult. And I’m proud of that”, she said.


Today, Kwon SoHyun waited for about 5 minutes in line with citizens from her neighborhood, before she successfully cast her votes.

Kwon SoHyun who completed the vote, expressed, “Since I never have the chance to meet up with the candidates, rather than their image, I gave my vote to the one that gave a better commitment” and, “Above all, I hope that more emphasis will be placed on a system that focus on students’ safety.”

Meanwhile, 94-liner BTOB’s Jung IlHoon cast his very first vote as well.

Together with his sister, singer JOO, Jung IlHoon waited in line for about 10 minutes before he entered the polling booth.

After voting, he spoke of his feelings, “My parents placed much emphasis on voting. Since it’s my first, I was quite nervous.”


He continued, “(When I was younger), I used to hope that I could vote when I turn older. Having to realize that thought now, I feel happy” and, “I think of voting as the rights and responsibility of a citizen of our country. Therefore it is something that we should participate”, he added.

Similarly, Jung IlHoon evaluated both candidates before his vote was cast, he explained, “Every night, I would read news on the current affairs of the country. I’ve cast my vote according to what I think”, he answered.

Other Cube artists, too, are supportive of the event, as they encouraged citizens to vote. BEAST member Yang Yoseob and BTOB member Lee MinHyuk even took to twitter to encourage citizens to vote.

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[Newsen] BTOB passionately melts audience with ‘Bright Full Moon’ (Immortal Song)

BTOB has shown a new fresh side of old Korean song ‘Bright Full Moon’.

On 31st May broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2′, BTOB gave an upgraded look to ‘Bright Full Moon’.

BTOB expressed their happiness to have their very first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’.

In an interview, BTOB expressed, “We are three times more nervous standing on ‘Immortal Song’ than on ‘Music Bank.'” And, “We debuted at a similar period as VIXX and EXO. We were really envious when we saw them on broadcast. (Immortal Song) Is a stage that we want to stand on desperately,” they confessed.

BTOB honestly revealed, “Although we have debuted for already 2 years, there are many people who don’t know us” and, “Someday we hope that music lovers will have heard of our name. That’s our dream.”

On this day, BTOB passionately sang to ‘Bright Full Moon’ with much effort. They did tumbling and many other hard choreographs, while putting on a stable live performance. The audience on set was infected by energy level of BTOB as they performed. They danced along as they enjoy the new reinterpretated song.

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[Sports Seoul] BTOB ‘disses leader’ scenes revealed! “But still, our leader is the best!”

비투비의 리더 서은광을 향해 멤버들이 솔직한 앞담화를 진행했다. /남윤호 기자

7-members boy group BTOB is rather pleasant. As opposed to boy groups who speak very seriously on hierarchy and sequences, to BTOB, these are just luxuries. This is because of leader Seo Eunkwang’s (25 years old) charisma that allows a harmonious family-like atmosphere among the members. He revealed, that he’s always the ‘last’ in terms of sequence in the team.

On the 22nd, ‘Sports Seoul’ made a sudden attack to BTOB’s practice room in Cube Entertainment. The seven members said they were late on schedules, although it was revealed that they are practicing for next month’s Dream Concert.  It was a difficult practice session, but the members were always bloomed with laughter. The leader is the motivation for BTOB.

서은광(오른쪽)이 연습 후 지친 멤버들에게 물을 건네며 격려하고 있다. /남윤호 기자


In midst of practices, Seo Eunkwang would prepare beverages for his teammates. Although they’re just mineral water that costs 800 Won, it was like an oasis in the dessert for the members. Seo Eunkwang distributed the water bottles and made pats on his members’ shoulders. The members acted as if they were touched by their caring leader, which lead Seo Eunkwang to burst out in laughter. The practice room that was filled with singing are now surrounded by laughter.

The seven members then gathered and took their seats. At first glance, it looks like a school gathering. But in fact, it was an ‘Appreciation Session’ for leader Seo Eunkwang. Lee MinHyuk who is of the same age, spoke about Seo Eunkwang, “He’s a extremely nice leader”. “He’s the type of leader that pushes the team from behind.” He then looks at Eunkwang, “It must be hard for him to always standing behind”, with a sense of humor.

‘Seo Eunkwang Diss’ started with MinHyuk. Maknae Yook Sungjae, “Leader-hyung said he wants to be closer to the six of us. He would even go to toilets together,” he said. Lee Changsub continued, “Our leader takes time to buffer. It seems like he thinks a lot.” Im Hyunsik even gifted Seo Eunkwang a book that titled ‘What is a leader’. Jung IlHoon and Peniel too, gave their testimonials, “There are times where we would be frustrated of the leader”, they complained.

리더 서은광(맨 위)을 두고 멤버들의 앞담화가 시작됐다. /남윤호 기자

Seo Eunkwang has never scolded his members although being a leader even before their early debut times. Th members explained that Eunkwang is a ‘prince-like’ leader. When asked, “If you don’t control them, won’t your members take over your place?”, Seo Eunkwang said, “The dongsaengs doesn’t take over,” he said.

After being ‘dissed’, his members started their sincere praises. Lee Changsub said, “I can’t think of any other members to be the leader. Seo Eunkwang is the best candidate as our team’s leader. During critical times, we would follow leader’s decision. We trust him to that extent.” Lee MinHyuk continued, “Our leader is the best. For our team, the leader style that suits the best is definitely Eunkwang,” showing his affection for his leader.

비투비 멤버들이 드림콘서트 무대를 위해 열심히 연습하면서도 센스만점 웃음꽃을 피우고 있다. /남윤호 기자

But the praises didn’t last long. When asked what do the members look for in a leader, maknae said, “Honestly, I’m jealous of EXO. I heard that the leader, Suho-hyung, always buy their members food”, which drawing his fist. Jung IlHoon said, “When we’re eating together, he would proposed ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper’ to decide. The problem is, he doesn’t lose at all,” He emphasized.

EXO’s leader Suho is the ‘wallet’ among members. He would satisfied his members. That said, BTOB’s situation is a little different from them. The members revealed that Sungjae and Peniel treats the members the most, and Seo Eunkwang could only laugh hysterically at one corner.

“What is the most expensive thing that you’ve received from the leader?”, and the members revealed, “Two years ago, on his very own birthday, he treated us salad bar in a family restaurant. Of course, he forbid us from ordering steak.” Upon hearing complaints from his members, Seo Eunkwang promised that he would treat them steak on his birthday this year. The members laughed with satisfaction.

These talks came out naturally is definitely due to BTOB’s unique teamwork. Among idol groups, there isn’t many that open up and to ‘diss’ their leader. The seven members said in consensus, “Because we are BTOB, therefore it is possible. We’re not just team members, but also a real family. We believe that we won’t lack behind from other teams if we compare from this aspect,” expressing their confidence.

리더 서은광(맨 위 왼쪽)을 향해 멤버들이 하트를 날리고 있다. /남윤호 기자

It was ‘warm’ till the very end. The six members were half joking half serious as they throw  ‘hearts’ to their leader.  Although their feet were all curled up, we see true love and respect among the members.

We understand that the members were happy to have Seo Eunkwang. Lastly, he left a wise saying, “It’s like we are a real family. In my next life, I would want to stay with my members too. Even if I’m reborn again, I want to be together as a BTOB member. Until we become successful singers, let’s go hand in hand with our arms around. Let’s leave everlasting memories to fans as BTOB. Till the end, let’s not let go of each other’s hands. When you’re tired or when you feel like letting go your hand, I will hold them even tighter” he shouted. There were vague tears settled in the members’ eyes.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul

[TV Daily] BTOB Sungjae to act in tvN ‘Nine Boy’

Idol group BTOB member Yook Sungjae have been cast in tvN new Friday-Saturday drama, titled ‘Nine Boy’.

According to a representative, Yook Sungjae and actor Kim YoungGwang, Oh Jongse have confirmed their cast on ‘Nine Boy’ (screen play by Park Yoomi, directed by Yoo HakChan).

‘Nine Boy’ is a drama that portrays the lives and love stories of boys/men in their 9 years old, 19 years old, 29 years old and 39 years old. Kim YoungGwang will be playing the role of a 29 years old, while Oh Jongse plays a 39 years old.

In addition to that, BTOB Yook Sungjae who had previously garnered positive reviews in tvN ‘Reply 1994′ as SsukSsukie, will be playing the role of a 19 years old teenager.

‘Nine Boy’ will be aired next month.

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Source: TV Daily

[10Asia] BTOB, Growing more than today for a tomorrow BTOB


If you gather a day, it will become a week, a month and a year. Just like the expensive today that has gathered brilliant futures, these boys are always gaining more and more confidence by the day for a better tomorrow.

Debuted with ‘Insane’ in 2012, followed with ‘WOW’, ‘Second Confession’, ‘Thriller’, they are idol group BTOB that has shown various spectrum of colors through different concepts. To them, it’s like attempting many attempts to find the right outfit that suits them the best. And recently, they have released title track ‘Beep Beep’ and was nominated as #1 candidate on various major broadcast stations. BTOB who has tried outfits seemed to have found the very one that suits the public’s taste, proving their hot popularity.

Their innocence when they expressed that it was unexpected to see ‘Beep Beep’ entering into top spots on music charts, their humility when they said that now they’re at the starting line despite debuted for two years, as well as their strong friendship and trust among each member that can be seen through joking conversations. The more you listen to BTOB’s stories, the more you’ll see that they will continue to be at a place higher than they are today.

Q. There’s a question I wanted to ask when I meet BTOB. We’ve seen you debuted with ‘Insane’ and then, ‘Wow’, ‘Second Confession’ and even ‘Thriller’. You have done various concepts since debut, what is your reason for continuing giving such changes?

MinHyuk: We have many reasons for doing various concepts. All members likes new attempts and we want to try out variety of music. So far, we have talked a lot about it. (Laughs) That said, if one of them gets popularity, probably we will go with that. But since there isn’t much success, so we tried to go with different colors.

Peniel: We will work hard to look for it.

Q. If that’s the case, so did you find BTOB’s colors in ‘Beep Beep’?

MinHyuk: Ah, ‘Beep Beep’ is a little different. After concluding ‘Thriller’, we are already certain about it. To us, the most suitable outfit was the song that allows us to have fun on stage, which is ‘WOW’. With that in mind, we have come out with ‘Beep Beep’.

Q. So ‘Beep Beep’ is an extension of ‘WOW’.

MinHyuk: Therefore, ‘Beep Beep’ was the most suitable concept to us. We heard many people saying that we did well.

Eunkwang: After concluding our promotions, it seems like we have now captured our very own colors. To BTOB, it was a success.

Q. What do you think are your own colors?

IlHoon, Hyunsik: Cute rascals!

Changseob: (Meaningfully) Picasso-like feel.

Q. What do you mean when you say ‘Picasso-like feel?

Changseob: It means having a unique color. A free-willed soul!

Hyunsik: And (it means) having some distance from knife dances (T/N: it means precise dances).

MinHyuk: Without a frame.

Q. That’s true, it’s hard to imagine…. BTOB with knife dances.

Minhyuk: That’s right. First of all, we are bad with knife dance. (Laughs) (Eunkwang: That’s not it, we just don’t do it. What do you mean we can’t?~) Even if we can do knife dances, each of our colors are too strong, so we won’t do it either. Rather than finding precision in dances, we hope to show a different charms, therefore we invest more in live skills or gestures, such things.

Hyunsik: Each of our personality are so strong, so it would seemed different even if it’s the same moves. (Laughs)

Sungjae: For now, we try to save those (bad points) with our advantages. Knife dance is impossible. That’s because IlHoon-hyung always get the dances wrong!

Everyone: (Laughs)

비투비 성재, 일훈(왼쪽부터)

Q. There is such video called, ”Beep Beep’ Jung IlHoon mistakes compilation’.

Eunkwang: Wow, this time IlHoon you’re really… (Laughs)

MinHyuk: IlHoon makes lots of mistakes, and if Eunkwang learns the dances by himself, he would dance them differently.

IlHoon: (towards members) That’s our different colors! I’m originally a person that wants to show my own side, so I’m always forgetting, (laughs) Eunkwang-hyung danced with his own feels. Looking at it objectively, we could look different too.

Eunkwang: You don’t have to say that…

Q. IlHoon seems to be an expert in ‘packaging’. He said it really prettily!

IlHoon: I am an expert in ‘packaging’ (T/N: situation control)

Q. Before I’ve seen that video, I never know that IlHoon was wrong in his dances.

IlHoon: I’m really good in ‘packaging’ that’s why. (Laughs) Since we have various colors mixed together, it looks like we didn’t make mistakes. This is because other members did very well.

Q.  You guys do well as a team. If look individually, you guys are interesting too.

Everyone: Thank you!

Q: Furthermore, you guys have been nominated as #1 for ‘Beep Beep’.

MinHyuk: ‘Beep Beep’ was in third place for four times. It’s really amazing that we are able to stand on stage as a nominated candidate.

Hyunsik: At that time, we were nervous within. When it was time to announce the #1 winner, we would always stand behind. This time, we stood in front and they even gave us mics. (Laughs)

Sungjae: IlHoon-hyung or I like to be caught by the camera a lot, so we often stand in front even when we’re not nominees! When it’s time for us to go up for the ending, everyone was nervous, and I was like, ‘Where are all the hyungs…?’ while looking to find them.

Everyone: (Laughs)

Q: ‘Beep Beep’ has recorded good results, it really does suit the free-spirited look of BTOB. So far, which promoted song do you think suits yourselves the most?

Everyone: ‘WOW’!

Eunkwang: Not long ago, MinHyuk showed us our ‘WOW’ comeback stage. And it felt, ‘Oh, it’s quite good.’ (Laughs)

MinHyuk: It felt like we have to promote with ‘WOW’ again. The response was better given our recognition then. Looking at what we’ve done after such a long time, it (the song ‘WOW’) was amazing. If we’re doing it now, we could do it even better!

Q. What if you were to release that song, will it gain good results?

Minhyuk: If we have released ‘WOW’ now, it would be #1.

Peniel: There won’t be any dance mistakes too! (Laughs)

비투비 현식, 민혁(왼쪽부터)

Q.During the early days of your debut, when ‘WOW’ was climbing on the charts, Eunkwang and MinHyuk said such words before. MinHyuk said, “Regardless if it’s #30 or #80, as long as it has risen by a spot, we would still be happy” while Eunkwang, “Even if it’s small, we have to be thankful.”

MinHyuk: Ah. Thank you for remembering those words that we’ve said.

Hyunsik: It’s the same for ‘Beep Beep’ promotions as well. Even if it rose by a few spots, we were happy.

Sungjae: (Seems rebellious) No, ‘Beep Beep’ entered top 10 of the music charts!

Q. All of you must have been happy. BTOB members even captured screen shots of its debut spot and uploaded them on SNS.

Sungjae: That day felt like we had the whole world.

Eunkwang: ‘Beep Beep’ entered #10, and the album songs even charted within #50.

Minhyuk: This may not be something for other people, but we are already thankful even if it’s within top 10. And because of this, having enter with such spot was something we couldn’t imagine at all. We were like, ‘What in this world’ ‘What is happening’.

Hyunsik: On the day when we confirm our spot, all the members and manager-hyungs were in the office, all of us were screaming.

MinHyuk: Like what we’ve said in reality, our heart remains the same. Although we have recorded good results this time round, honestly, we’re a little unease too. We have thoughts like, ‘what if it won’t work the next time’. And this has helped us to work even harder.

Q. You will do well in the future!

Everyone: (Claps)

Q: It has been two years since your debut 21st March. You are in your 3rd year, where do you think BTOB is at now?

MinHyuk: We are now at the starting line. We have gone through much hard training and now our training has ended. Whether win or lose, we are at the starting line where we will win fair and square.

Eunkwang: Up till now, we were choosing the most suitable shoes and even raised our stamina.

Hyunsik: We are ready to run, we have the confidence to win.

Q. You are already in your third year, but I could understand if you said that BTOB is at the starting line, since there was almost a year of hiatus between ‘WOW’ and ‘Thriller’. Although there was ‘Second Confession’ in the middle, but the promotions were short. So what were your motivation to get through that period?

IlHoon: That’s of course thanks to our Melody. They are our commitment. They’ve waited for us, loved us and we don’t want to disappoint them. Moreover, each of us are greedy when it comes to self-development. Be it acting, music productions, we are always gaining strength in preparing for ‘Beep Beep’.

MinHyuk: We might not realize it as we have passed through it, but there were much difficulties then. The blank period was long and seeing other groups promoting readily makes us jealous too. At such times, we would rely on our loved ones such as members, families, giving motivation to each other. While doing so, we continued practice.

Q: During such times, you will know who loves you sincerely.

MinHyuk: That’s true. ‘Second Confession’ was two-weeks long. At that time, we have debuted for a year but we didn’t seem to do anything for it. It was a situation where we couldn’t do anything. It was somehow vague then. We wanted to promote but we couldn’t. In that complicated situation, we know in ourselves, who really love us sincerely.

Hyunsik: Members have became a motivation. Even if I talk to my family, honestly, they have no idea about it.

Q: After all, you guys have worked together and spent time together. There is emphaty and motivation grown among the members.

Changseob: This is a different thing. I, too, relies on our members. Somehow, I am one of the trouble maker who always create troubles among BTOB. (Laughs) If I were to be the oldest Hyung, I would start (with an angry voice) “Wuuaaahh” but everyone cared for me with love. I’m originally a person who doesn’t admit my wrong and won’t be understanding if I don’t trust someone. But somehow, whenever I’m wrong, I would admit it and apologize. Looking at that, I think I’m quite dependent on my members.

Q. Wait, how has it become like that? (Laughs)

Changseob: The entire process is gorgeous. It was built unconsciously during our times as trainees.

MinHyuk: But that seems like Changseob. Just cute. Our members love each other a lot, so we could understand each other.

IlHoon: It wasn’t any big accidents, just small mistakes.

비투비 일훈, 프니엘, 창섭(왼쪽부터)

Q. The relationship among members seemed really good. Spending such moments with such members, it is possible that BTOB will become a ‘capable’ idol group.

Changseob: (Gathered both hands and with a cute voice) Thank you~

Sungjae: Hyung, what was that… Out of a sudden.

Changseob: Just wanted to do it suddenly. There’s this messenger emotican, right? The one with love in its eyes!

Everyone: (Laughs)

Q. In particular, BTOB has gained strong impression for their strong vocals, especially for vocal line. Of course, rapper line have overflowing talents as well.

Eunkwang: People are more familiar with songs than raps, so we wanted to appeal to them with that. We have practiced hard among vocal line.

IlHoon: Still, lately, it’s Hip Hop trend again. (Laughs)

Eunkwang: Our Rapper line too are really good in raps. Now it’s time for you to shine, isn’t it?

MinHyuk: (looking at Eunkwang) Let’s appeal together. (laughs)

Q. So, if vocal line were to evaluate among yourselves?

MinHyuk: A cool evaluation!

Eunkwang: They know about it themselves. We often say this to each other.

MinHyuk: Actually, we have been together for so long, they would know themselves well. Just say it straightforwardly! (Laughs)

Eunkwang: Eyy, then I would say all the good things.

IlHoon: I’m a rapper, but objectively speaking… It’s okay (if I were to say it)?

Q: Oh, you’ve said it quite well. IlHoon, let’s hear your evaluation.

IlHoon: (clears throat) I’ll sort out our this question! Eunkwang-hyung… Ah, I’ll talk about Eunkwang-hyung later. First of all, Hyunsik-hyung has a solid charm in his voice. And it’s sexy. I’m not sure if it’s because his own ‘Sunbae’ image, but the person who listens to him would become a hoobae to him. Changseon-hyung’s neutral voice has its sexiness as well. Something ‘Sya’ kinda feel. His voice suits gentle and various types of songs. It’s a chameleon type of voice. Sungjae has a mellow voice. It touches your heart when you listen to it. Although he’s the youngest in the team, he loves old songs and his preference is quite old too, so he has that depth somehow. Lastly, Eunkwang-hyung’s good point is that he has a stable unshaking singing skills.

Hyunsik: But lately, it has been shaking!

IlHoon: That’s why I’m talking about his at the last. In terms of technique, Eunkwang is the best in the team. Regardless in high or low tone, he would still have a stable voice.

Sungjae: Eunkwang-hyung practiced very hard. In order to understand a song, he would keep thinking of it and listen to it at all times.

Eunkwang: Why… I can’t get used to this. (Laughs)

IlHoon: Eunkwang-hyung would research and study songs extensively. His emotions are really good.  His emotions are within the song, lately he has been worrying, therefore his voice shakes…

Q. IlHoon, you kept on saying that he’s shaking. Are you trying to say that the reason is because of gaming? Isn’t Eunkwang famous for his love for ‘LOL’.

Eunkwang: I would do my best regardless in whatever things…

MinHyuk: It would take half a year to talk about ‘LOL’.

IlHoon: Hyunsik-hyung said he missed the old Eunkwang-hyung, and was sincerely worried about him.

Peniel: He thinks ‘LOL’ as his girlfriend. Whenever I ask, “Hyung, aren’t you lonely?”, he would say, “Ah, ‘LOL is my girlfriend.

IlHoon:  That hyung has a game girlfriend in the game. (Laughs)

Eunkwang: It’s not till that extent…

IlHoon: Just joking. Anyways, Eunkwang-Hyung’s strength is that he has a stable voice.

Q. Tell more about maknae Sungjae’s singing skills. In early debut, he was the rapper cum vocalist, isn’t it?

Sungjae: (With a lovely voice) I know right? (Laughs) At first when I entered into the company, I was a kid that likes rap and singing. But it seems that I have more interest in singing. Looking at vocal-line hyungs, I followed and somehow my singing skills just improved. I’m bad at raps now.

MinHyuk: In early stage, there were lots of talks about his position. As we promote, everyone seemed to have found their own position.

Q. So, I would like to hear some compliments for the rapper line too.

IlHoon: As a representative, it should be Eunkwang-hyung!

Eunkwang: I like that their rap tones and styles are different. Actually… I have no idea about raps. As long as it is cool, it seems good.

Everyone: (Laughs)

IlHoon: MinHyuk-Hyung has a strong power since last time. He is a person who knows how he wants to be and his skills kept increasing. Both of us have that same point, so we want to develop in that sense. Lately, I am learning too. I’m producing music with Hyunsik Hyung.

Eunkwang: They are at the producing room all day lately.

Changseob: From what I see, both of their strengths are in the lyrics. When you listen to it, MinHyuk-hyung often comes out as strong, but it has his refreshing points in the middle. If you listen to it thoroughly, it’s actually really amazing, there’s this sweetness that only Minhyuk hyung has. Everyone probably noticed this when hearing his raps. Should I say cute? That’s his weapon. And also, IlHoon is expressive in his lyrics. When you listen to it, instead of the ‘ppajik’ lyrics but he will changed it to interesting rap. Both MinHyuk-hyung and IlHoon has their very own taste.

Eunkwang: And also Peniel! I was surprised when Peniel rapped Snoop Dogg’s song.

IlHoon: We have come together for a production, but we can’t reveal just it. In that, Peniel’s raps are really amazing.

Hyunsik: Should we put that in our next album?

MinHyuk: Peniel’s strong points will be shown very soon. Peniel has a child-like sound, which is very different from IlHoon or I. That high tone of his is really good.

IlHoon: Personally, I like Peniel-hyung’s part in ‘Beep Beep’ and ‘Hello Mello’. He’s in charge of the ‘killing part’ of the song.

Q: Peniel, shouldn’t you say something now?

Peniel: Thank You. I will study Korean more diligently!

비투비 성재, 민혁(왼쪽부터)

Q: In BTOB’s case, you guys entered into individual activities such as musical, acting and variety faster than other idol groups. Do you have that sense of duty to raise BTOB’s name when you’re on broadcast?

MinHyuk: Whether if one of us are fixed on broadcast or goes on air often, all of us would be happy.

Sungjae: For me… I’ve been a fixed cast on Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News’!

Q. Ah, I’ve seen the teaser. Congrats!

Everyone: (Claps)

Eunkwang: (Looking at Sungjae) His bizzarre expressions was aired in the teaser. (Laughs)

Q. MinHyuk, too have been cast as Park MinYoung’s brother in MBC drama ‘A New Leaf’.

MinHyuk: (Points to his hair) This is JiHyuk’s (the character he plays) hair in the drama. (Hyunsik: It looks good on you!) He’s a guy who wish to be an idol. It’s a cute character where you can’t hate even if he made a mistake. He doesn’t know how to give up and he’s very persistent once he’s committed in something.

Q.Being persistent, does that suit your personality as well?

MinHyuk: Yes. The character and I are quite similar.

Q. Speaking of personalities, I feel that you are good in self-management, since you are good in sports and studies foreign languages. Do you feel stress because of this?

MinHyuk: I’m always diligent in self-management. It’s been a habit for some time, so I don’t really gain stress from that. Just that I have to work harder to fill up places where I’m lacking. I’m the type that would put things that I want to do as my first priority. I’m going to be like this in the future too.

개구쟁이 창섭, 프니엘, 은광(왼쪽부터)]

Q. In MSC (Manager Self Camera) revealed in BTOB’s official Youtube channel, leader Eunkwang said before, “We BTOB sells emotion, not albums. For the sake of dreams of these young people!” At first it was funny and sounded crazy, but it’s quite a good statement now that you think of it.

Eunkwang: It’s one of the lines in the musical I was in, ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’. (Laughs)

Sungjae: I want to say that often, but Eunkwang-hyung forbids me.

IlHoon: He said we should sell albums.

Everyone: (Claps and Laughs)

Eunkwang: No… that’s because… it sounds cheesy.

Q. Since you have revealed that it was a line from the musical, I guess everyone loves situational acting (being dramatic) too! 

MinHyuk: We have some parts where we act in SBS MTV ‘Cool Guys’, we are often quite good in that aspect. We often put on situational act so there aren’t any members who feel awkward.

IlHoon: Our life is all about situational acting. When you’re beside Eunkwang-hyung, you will definitely be good in situational act.

Sungjae: Since his life is all about musicals.

Q. It seems like the members are into acting. Do you watch movies often?

Eunkwang: (In amazement) Wow… ‘Captain America’!

Sungjae: When I was filming at Sangamdong, I’ve seen Chris Evans in real life!

Changseob: I like horror movies. ‘Paranormal activity 1′ is one of the good shows lately. It was really scary.(MinHyuk: That’s not quite recent, isn’t it?) To me, it’s still a hot drama.

MinHyuk: I don’t feel scared when watching horror movies. I was frightened once in ‘Lost and Found’, but other than that, I don’t really got scared about it. I watched with friends and they said it was very scary. Ah, Eunkwang always avoid (horror) movies. Even if we tell him that it’s a famous production, he would still insist not to watch it.

Eunkwang: I only watch two types of genre. Fantasy or criminal thriller.

IlHoon: I’m okay with anything, except for romantic comedy.

Peniel: I like all.

Hyunsik: I dont’ avoid any too. I like artistic movies. Lately, I’ve watched ‘Like Father, Like Son’.

Q. Indeed, everyone has different taste when it comes to movies. You guys are famous for your joking sense.

Sungjae: (With a serious tone) I rarely joke. I have a serious side.

Hyunsik: We are like a documentary….

Q. Though you said it like this, how could we believe you!

Everyone: (Laughs)

Sungjae: Actually, our joking senses are the best lately. Everyone is having keen interest in gags and we are always trying to make people happy. In the end, it has gone to Eunkwang-hyung’s head. Because he’s always the Hyung. If he gives a topic such as ‘cup’, we would talk about cups. But when Eunkwang’s talk about it, everyone would become serious.

Eunkwang: That’s not true, not true.

IlHoon: You know, a chef would decorate a dish after he has cooked them. Eunkwang-Hyung has that vibe.

Sungjae: Eunkwang-hyung said he’s into getting ‘bullied’ these days too.

Eunkwang: Ah, that’s because everyone likes it. (Laughs)

Sungjae: Strangely, people who sees Eunkwang for the first time, bullies him too.

Everyone: (Laughs)

비투비 현식, 은광(왼쪽부터)

Q. Haha, Is it okay to say like this. So I now know I can ‘bully’ Eunkwang too. But, are there times where it’s difficult as a leader? Since you’re always having a gentle side to yours.

Eunkwang: Actually, what everyone thinks of me is different from my natural personality. I’m that type that would follow friends around, so being a leader for the first is indeed hard for me. But, I’ve found a different way. Usually, as a leader, he needs to be strict against his members, but I think rather than that, we should give them love.

MinHyuk: Rather than taking the forefront, he stands on one same line with us.

Eunkwang: I’m the type that would push from behind.

MinHyuk: Ah, it can be like that too. Since it’s always seemed that you’re standing behind!

Everyone: (Laughs)

Q. MinHyuk’s senses are really good, (Laughs) I think Hyunsik or MinHyuk will be good in gags.

Hyunsik: Ah, me? (Laughs)

Eunkwang: Hyunsik is really funny when he’s with us. His senses are really great.

Sungjae: Although it didn’t show much on broadcast.

IlHoon: Hyunsik-hyung will really be popular (with his senses) soon.

Q: Hyunsik was the funniest in the rap battle in MBC ‘Weekly Idol’.

Eunkwang: Ah… (Laughs)

Q. But now, he’s just laughing over there, that ‘Sunbae’!

Hyunsik: Actually, you may not be able to see it, but Sungjae is making strange expressions there. (Laughs)

Q. How about MinHyuk?

Sungjae: MinHyuk-hyung has a strong greed in gag. But we need at least a normal member, isn’t it? Of course, Hyung too often pose funny actions. But rather than being funny, (with a serious expression) ‘Heok’ feel. Every time that happens, I would be say, ‘Hyung.. You’re not that type of person…”

MinHyuk: Why am I the only one that is strange (Laughs). I have a leaf-like existense. I would fly when the wind blows, but stops if it doesnt. It seems like the mood changes according to the situation.

Q. On April Fool’s day, the members went crazy on SNS. Who started it first? Peniel and ‘Sunbae’ Hyunsik didn’t seem to participate.

Eunkwang: MinHyuk started it first.

Sungjae: It was my idea. I’m an idea bank!

Q. Changseob wrote, ‘I’m Yook Sungjae’ but his name didn’t change at the profile page. It seems that you’re not used to using SNS?

MinHyuk: I was shocked at that time.

Changseob: I really didn’t have any idea. SNS is… difficult.

Everyone: (Laughs_

Q. Even then, you had ‘yejiapsa’ on your SNS. 

Changseob: I wanted to express myself better to fans, as I frustrate how to do so, I shortened ‘Love you in the past, present and future’ and so it became ‘yejiapsa’. However, from sometime onwards, fans used them as well. I wanted to ask why are they following, but it seems that fans like it, I’ve been using till today. I’m working hard on it.

Everyone: (Laughs)

Changseob: So, trend words are made up like this. ‘Ojohayo’. It means, ‘Have a good day today’, you have to say it like this, “Oh↗JoHayo↘”

화창한 봄날의 비투비

Q: I think there will be interesting answers so I’m asking this. If you have a time machine, would go prefer to go back to the past or into the future?

Changseob: For me, it would be to the past. I want to go back to when I was 17, so to take the national exam and enter into university. I want to be 17 years old in our school (Changseob and Hyunsik are currently on leave absense from Howon university practical music).

Eunkwang: Really? Wow!

Hyunsik: We often talk about it, “Ah, how would it feel like to return to that age?.” But the more important thing is that now we will not regret anything and work for our best.

Sungjae: I want to try to live twice in a day, just like movie ‘About Time’. I want to live a day filled with positivity.

Eunkwang: I want to go back to my childhood times. When I was in junior high school, there weren’t computers so I would play with friends from the neighborhood. I miss that times them ost.

MinHyuk: I agree to what everyone said, but I have another reason. I just want to be young! (Laughs)

Q. Just like Hyunsik said, it’s important to live diligently every day. Still, were there any choices that you have regretted?

IlHoon: There’s nothing. No matter what it was, we think that the past has resulted in uns today. The members are like this too. Till now, we are thinking of it positively.

Hyunsik: I talked a lot with my mother. “Whatever you have chosen, do your best and never regret”, she said. I’ve studied overbroad previously in China. I was given this chance to choose. I went back for audition at the company, and I have not a slightest regret about it.

Q. A year after today, what would BTOB want to do?

Sungjae: Even if a year has passed, we would have the same mindset like now. But I think our positions will change slightly.

MinHyuk: We might release a digital single soon! Or maybe a surprise unit.

Hyunsik: Or even solos too.

Changseob: In fact, it’s hard to imagine a year later. Still, we would do our best, just like now, to reap future results.

Q. What is BTOB’s ultimate goal?

Hyunsik: After realizing goals and having another goal, I don’t have a virtual goal. If there’s an ultimate goal, I think life would be meaningless.

MinHyuk: After achieving our goals, our next target is probably to return to our original mindset?

Changseob: Ah I have a goal! BTOB will exist as singers until the very end. (Eunkwang: Oh, That’s cheesy) When people asks, ‘who are BTOB?’, we want to be heard as singers rather than celebrities. People who sings, raps and dance on stage.

Q: Ah, you have to see that glorious days personally

Changseob: It’s okay. We will be remembered in that generation.

Eunkwang: No, we will live for a long time.

Sungjae: Men die earlier.

Eunkwang: Ah, that’s true, men die earlier (than women).

MinHyuk:When we die, please write us a song! ‘Idol that will be remembered by the nation’ like this!

Everyone: (Laughs)

Changseob: (In Grandmother’s voice) “Brinf the computer here, (types) ‘BTOB who will be remembred by the nation”

MinHyuk: “Singers that will be remembered by the world, BTOB. We too will remember you!”

Q: Oh.. You guys are unstoppable (Laughs) Lastly, what would you like to say to Melody?

MinHyuk: I love you.

Changseob: Thank You.

Sungjae: Don’t go anywhere.

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[OBS] BTOB to make their first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’

Idol group BTOB will be making their first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’.

Through KBS2 official twitter which was posted today (31st March), it was revealed that BTOB will be guesting on the show for a special episode for composer Son SukWoo.

Prior to the recording, BTOB has revealed that they have been suggesting various ideas and practicing hard for ‘Immortal Song’. In particular, all seven members of BTOB will be appearing on the show. They delivered their intention to put on a stage that spans across generations. Attention has since been high for their upcoming stage.

BTOB’s leader, Seo Eunkwang, expressed their thoughts, “We will do our best to show everyone BTOB’s true colors on stage. Through music, we will put on a performance that shows a fusion across generations,” revealing their aspired thoughts.

Previously, BTOB has chosen ‘Immortal Song’ as their most wanted variety program. Through this opportunity, BTOB will be showing a wide variety of charms with their vocal and rap line, as well as their free-spirited stage.

Meanwhile, BTOB has recently concluded their promotions for 4th mini album ‘Beep Beep’

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Source: OBS