[OBS] BTOB to make their first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’

Idol group BTOB will be making their first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’.

Through KBS2 official twitter which was posted today (31st March), it was revealed that BTOB will be guesting on the show for a special episode for composer Son SukWoo.

Prior to the recording, BTOB has revealed that they have been suggesting various ideas and practicing hard for ‘Immortal Song’. In particular, all seven members of BTOB will be appearing on the show. They delivered their intention to put on a stage that spans across generations. Attention has since been high for their upcoming stage.

BTOB’s leader, Seo Eunkwang, expressed their thoughts, “We will do our best to show everyone BTOB’s true colors on stage. Through music, we will put on a performance that shows a fusion across generations,” revealing their aspired thoughts.

Previously, BTOB has chosen ‘Immortal Song’ as their most wanted variety program. Through this opportunity, BTOB will be showing a wide variety of charms with their vocal and rap line, as well as their free-spirited stage.

Meanwhile, BTOB has recently concluded their promotions for 4th mini album ‘Beep Beep’

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[OSEN] BTOB expresses thoughts for goodbye stage, “Like a present for our 2 years anniversary”

Idol group BTOB has spoken with OSEN prior to their last stage for ‘Beep Beep’ promotions on Mnet MCountdown today (27th March).

Member Lee MinHyuk expressed, “Normally, singers would follow their title track. Similarly, like our title track called ‘Beep Beep’, it’s like we have successfully gone through a road filled with obstacles,” he said.

Im Hyunsik delivered his thoughts, “Not long ago, we have celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. ‘Beep Beep’ promotion period was like a present for our 2nd year anniversary.” Eunkwang followed, saying, “It feels that we will achieve even more for our next promotion.”

The members continued, “We have gained much more loves than what we’ve anticipated. And we’re really thankful for that. We hope only to repay everyone’s love with better music”, they unanimously said.

Meanwhile, BTOB was charted #1 on Hanteo Weekly album chart and even took top spots on main music sites. They were nominated for #1 on various music broadcast, proving their popularity among music fans in and out of the country.

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[Sports Seoul] BTOB MinHyuk to star in melodrama ‘A New Leaf’

비투비 민혁이 MBC 개과천선에 여주인공 박민영의 동생 역으로 합류한다. /MBC 제공

Boy group BTOB member Lee MinHyuk has been cast for MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘A New Leaf’ (tentative title).

Cube Entertainment spoke with Sports Seoul today and revealed, “MinHyuk will be playing the role of the younger brother of the female lead Park MinYoung (played by Lee JiYoon).” JiHyuk, MinHyuk’s character is said to be one that livens the drama.

On this day, MBC Program Twitter uploaded two pictures of MinHyuk. In the revealed picture, MinHyuk was holding a drama script with a title that writes ‘A New Leaf’ while posing with a bubbly expression. MinHyuk in neat suits further raises anticipation for his character in the drama.

‘A New Leaf’ talks about an excellent lawyer, Kim SukJoo (acted by Kim MyungMin) who met an accident who then suffers from amnesia. He then tries to discover more about himself.

This drama is set to release next month.

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[Newsen] BTOB to guest on America’s Next Top Model as judges

BTOB will be guesting on America reality show ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

On the 22nd March, BTOB shot for America’s Next Top Model at ShinChon. BTOB met up with famous model Jay Alexander or ‘Miss J’ who plays a prominent figure in the show, alongside Tyra Banks.

As a representative of KPOP idol, BTOB will be appearing on this season of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. BTOB personally introduced their very own title track, ‘Beep Beep’ in front of the contestants. It was also revealed that they took on roles as judges on the show. About hundreds of audience was present on this day.

Cube Entertainment explained, “On this day, the participants danced to BTOB’s ‘Beep Beep’ dance while BTOB evaluate their performance,” they explained.

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[IZE] Cube’s Marketing Team Leader recommends BTOB Changsub for variety shows!

Recently, IZE has asked agency employees  to recommend any one idols under their wings, ‘If an opportunity is given to this person ), he will definitely be a ‘burst of popularity’ (in variety shows).” Marketing Team Leader of Cube Entertainment chose BTOB’s Changsub.

BTOB Changsub 

“He’s good in 19+ humors. He has this honest and persevered personality. Whenever he puts in intentional efforts to be funny, he would throw bomb-like comments, and this makes him even more charming. He has this unique character, and lately he has become bolder on variety shows. If he could put in a little practice on controlling skills, I’m sure he will be successful in every variety program.”

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[MBN Stars] BTOB, “Holding events with fans is our healing time, our motivation to promote”

Idol group BTOB’s popularity is nothing ordinary. Releasing title track ‘Beep Beep’, BTOB recently rose as a nominee for the #1 spot on MCountdown, Music Core, Inkigayo and many more. This is their best record ever since debut. And we will soon see their ‘Beep Beep’ move towards the peak of the music industry.

As a repayment for such well-received popularity, BTOB are currently busy holding many events to thank fans. On 17th February, they made a comeback with 4th mini album and title track ‘Beep Beep’, meeting up with more than 400 fans before their comeback stage as well as holding mini concerts. On the 18th, they went to Busan, followed with Daegu, Daejon and Seoul for fansigns.

Leader Seo Eunkwang expressed, “I want to communicate more often with fans. Therefore, I always give lots of suggestions to the company, and they thought the same too, hence, our meeting with fans seemed to have increased a lot.”

Fullscreen capture 342014 91437 PM.bmp

Jung IlHoon continued, “It’s been awhile since BTOB last made a comeback. It seems like we’ve gained lots of energy when we see fans, and therefore, we promote even harder”. Lee MinHyuk also expressed his thankful hearts to fans, “We really received much energy from fans. Fans looked like they’re having fun, and we’re happy about it.”

When talked about their busy schedules with broadcast stations, Seo Eunkwang said, “Physically, it’s really tough, but mentally, we’re promoting it happily.” Lee MinHyuk continued, “Even if we’re tired, our hearts are warm and filled with abundance, so we don’t really know what is exhaustion. Meeting fans on broadcast stations and holding events  is like a healing time for us,” he added.

BTOB delivered their aspirations, “We don’t rush to the top at once. But instead, we admire each scenery as we take our steps one by one on the stairs. It seems like each of our hard work had paid off, and we’re really proud of it. We want to have fun while promoting for the rest of our activities.” Upon hearing this, Lee MinHyuk jokingly said, “Although I do agree with what the members’ say, my legs are hurt now, I want to go straight up now.”

Meanwhile, BTOB will continue their promotions with ‘Beep Beep’ on music broadcast stations.

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[MBN Star] 3-years idol groups (BTOB), ‘Re-challenge’ is the keyword!


To idol singers, their third year could be the most important time throughout their life span. Saying that their third year is the year that determines their life and death isn’t an exaggerated statement at all. Idol groups who fail to raise their names within these three years could easily mean that their last card has given out.

As such, it is normal for agencies that house three years old idol groups to be more than burdened to raise their names to the mainstream public. How exactly do they see idol groups that had reached their third year?

Ahn HyoJin, marketing team leader for Cube Entertainment spoke that ‘re-challenging’ is the key for their three years old idol group, BTOB. Ahn team leader continued, “Although to idols, being in their third year is slow, but it’s a time where they can show their own charms. In BTOB’s case, they are reaching out to many other areas so as to differentiate themselves from the already-saturated boy group industry. As such, BTOB showed their capabilities in handling a broad spectrum, which includes performing New Jack Swings style and a ballad title track.”

He continued, “Gradually, we will evaluate various possibilities, as well as to enhance fields in which artists themselves wanted to venture into. It seems that now is the time for them to promote in various field such as acting, variety, composing or singing, depending on their capabilities.”

BTOB members also delivered their thoughts, “We want to be those who rise up slowly but will never ever give up of that beautiful scenery (on the peak of the mountain) and therefore appreciating everything during the journey. With so, we get to feel more and learn more.

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[Newsen] ‘MCD’ BTOB, “We are nominated for #1? Impossible!”

BTOB are surprised towards their first nomination for #1 since debut.

Today, BTOB was a nominee for the #1 spot on MCountdown. And the results revealed that BTOB was #3 spot on today’s chart.

BTOB member Lee MinHyuk expressed his thoughts when news about their nomination broke out, “It sounds impossible. When we first heard of the news, I was thinking, ‘did he say BTOB?’. I was shocked and touched at the same time. We are really thankful even though we’re just a nominee,” he added humbly.

He continued, “We are really thankful to fans who supported and cheered for us. Our colleagues, too, who have worked hard for BTOB, we thank you so much. We will do our best until the day when we go beyond a #1 nominee to a #1 winner”, stating their aspiration.

BTOB has released their 4th mini album and title track ‘Beep Beep’. Not long after its release, BTOB took #1 on weekly album sales chart, proving their increasing popularity.

(Updated) In another interview with OSEN, BTOB members expressed their thoughts and thankful heart to fans, “We’re really happy that we are nominated for #1.”

BTOB revealed, “We think that this is possible because of the help and support from our Melodies and those who look after us ” and, ” We will get #1 next time, so to be a group everyone will be proud of.”

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[enews24] BTOB Seo Eunkwang as fixed cast on SNL Korea, “Excited and anticipating it!”

Idol group BTOB’s member Seo Eunkwang couldn’t hide his anticipation and excitement for his participation as a fixed cast on ‘SNL Korea’.

Eunkwang will be partnering up as a fixed cast on ‘SNL Korea’ with his soon-to-come appearance on his first broadcast, which falls on 1st March.

비투비 은광 ”’SNL코리아’ 고정 발탁, 설렘반 기대반”

Met up with reporters recently, Eunkwang revealed, “When the news about me going on ‘SNL Korea’ was released, there were divided responses among fans. Perhaps there are many fans who are still underage, so they expressed concern regarding the idea of me going on a 19+ program.”

He continued, “Still, I’m really excited about my appearance on the show. I think of it as a chance for me to show another side of myself rather than just being on stage. Therefore, everyone, please anticipate my active performance in ‘SNL Korea’,” he said.

In fact, Eunkwang was surprised to hear the various responses from fans. This was because their responses were beyond imagination. He expressed, “I think that fans gave me high anticipation and will watch after me in the show. And so, I will repay them with a better look.”

Previously, Eunkwang once appeared on ‘SNL Korea’ around September last year with soloist G.NA.

Meanwhile, Eunkwang is promoting actively as the leader of BTOB with recent comeback track ‘Beep Beep’.

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[Newsen] BTOB 4th mini album ‘Beep Beep’ tops #1 on weekly chart

Idol group BTOB has topped the weekly chart on Hanteo.

BTOB dominate the weekly album sales chart for the third week of February, as reported today. On the release of their 4th mini album on February 17th, BTOB immediately took #1 on real search chart as well as daily chart, proving their formidable uprising trend. Their popularity continues as the album managed to land #1 on the weekly sales chart.

Last week, BTOB put on their comeback stage for ‘Beep Beep’, showing their powerful yet lively charms on stage. Despite BTOB’s restless performance, their extraordinary live singing skills have captured local and foreign fans’ attention.

With the release of ‘Beep Beep’, BTOB kick started their fan meeting around the nation, starting with Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul, a total of 4 stops. BTOB even personally held a small fan meeting after their comeback stage just to express their thankful hearts to fans.

BTOB’s ‘Beep Beep’ performances have gained good comments since its release. With its addictive dance moves and wit-filled lyrics, the members of BTOB wooed music lovers and public with their lively performance.

The addictive melody in ‘Beep Beep’ has received reactions where listeners “couldn’t forget at first listen”, proving the popularity of BTOB.

Meanwhile, BTOB will be carrying out more activities on variety show and radio broadcast with ‘Beep Beep’.

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