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[Star MBN] 4minute Kwon SoHyun obtains a pass in Dongguk University… ‘An Acting Student Now’

4minute Kwon SoHyun has passed the enrollment test for Dongguk University and will be majoring in Theater Arts.

Representatives of 4minute revealed to MBN Star on 5th November, “It’s true that Kwon SoHyun passed the test. The result was known last week when it was released (by the officials).”

They continued, “Kwon SoHyun first debuted as a child actress. As she promotes as a singer, she has grown fond towards acting. She’s receiving acting lessons too, and had the opportunity to star in a movie as well.”

 기사의 0번째 이미지

Kwon SoHyun is a member of girl group 4minute debuted in 2009. She was cast in dramas ‘Jewel in the Palace’, ‘Lovers of Paris’, ‘Jamggilsan’ and many more. She even took on a lead role in ‘Hwanggu’ recently.

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Source: MBN Star

[Nylon] My name is…. Yook Sungjae!

(This interview was found in the October issue of Nylon, ie prior to their comeback and before his casting on ‘Real Man’)

Making his shiny debut as an actor in ‘Nine Boy’, Yook Sungjae, illuminate the world with his name, which coincidentally means ‘Star’. When you look at him as an example, you can really say the proverb that ‘One lives like his name is’ is indeed true.

How have you been lately?
I’ve been receiving lots of attention out of the sudden – everyone keeps calling for me. I appeared in ‘Nine Boy’, ‘Global Request Show – A Song For You Season 3′, ‘HyungDoni and DaeJooni Hit Maker’ almost at the same time. I’ve been repeatedly waking up at 5am and spend one whole day of busy schedule for a month. Yet, it was a blissful month.

It seems like your goal to get more loves have increased even more?
Of course. Lately, as I walk on the streets in pretty outfits during my off day, I love it when I catch people’s attention. Haha.

After appearing on ‘Nine Boy’, there are more people who knows you?
The drama helped a lot. I wanted to be called as a title and I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to be in ‘Nine Boy’. Other than my motivation to be an actor, the bluff character somehow suits my real self too.

What do you mean by ‘bluff’?
Someone that loves himself will be more handsome. So at times, I would look at the mirror a few times and give myself compliments like ‘You’re looking good’. When I have the time, I would research on the best angle to portray my face in pictures. I love it. Haha.

So that’s the reason why you are referred to as the member with the best photoshoot among BTOB members?
I think it’s because I tried out many angles. I will accept any compliments from people around me. I rarely am humble. When anyone calls me a handsome guy, I would agree by saying, “Of course!”

You appeared as a sportsman. So did you pay more attention to your body?
It’s shabby now but earlier in the production, I had quite a fine body. I did PT like I never have done before. I ate only chicken breasts and eggs for one whole month. It was tough, but once you’re working out, you’ll understand why. If you’re working out, you’ll expect more changes. I’m having this same mindset, but it’s hard to keep up lately due to busy schedules. After the drama ends, I will be continue to work out…because I want my body to be good at least once.

You might be receiving this question quite frequently in the near future. Have you think of yourself like in the story line of ‘Nine Boy’?
I was a ‘Nine Boy’ last year and had spent those days quite busy myself, so I don’t really remember that feeling. It’s tired and tough after a day’s work and there are new programs to adapt too. I spent my nineteenth year well, with dramas, variety shows and even receiving proposals to be an MC.

You are mature for your age. Are you sure you’re just 20 years old?
I’m a 20 years old..20! Isn’t it better to work hard? Isn’t it better to experience tough and tired times alone? It’s not good to show flaws to others. Although sometimes, I do feel that I’m a little mature myself too. Haha.

You dislike showing your flaws to others despite being exhausted?
Yes. It’s not professional of me. It’s hard to control your expressions when you’re in a difficult position. I think it has gone better, right?

It seems like you have prepared your own speech…
I’m saying it because it’s my genuine thought.

Okay! I acknowledge that you have a good mind! But, why are you so persistent in every job?
Nothing particular about it. It’s because they are all interesting jobs. Photoshoots, variety shows, having solo stage have always been my dreams. I’m realizing them one by one nowadays. It will be even more exciting in the future.

You’ve been accepting quite lot of jobs from different areas and might much criticisms everywhere, don’t you feeling tired?
You may find it weird, but rather than praises, I prefer criticisms. I might hate it at first listen, but once that is resolved, it becomes an opportunity for me to learn.

As compared to who you really are, which would you feel is ‘overrated’ and ‘underrated’?
I think it’s because I’m always laughing, so the overall public tends to see me as a good person. Of course, I’m a nice person, but at times I’m foolish, so please don’t see me as a good person only. On the other hand, I feel that I’ve been underrated as not being good in sports. These talks hurt my pride.

I thought you would be a person with many jokes… I’m surprised to see you’re saying this seriously.
It’s all because of ‘Hit Maker’ that I have this image. I am a person with lots of thoughts!

People sees you lightly because of your funny video on Youtube?
It was an act without much thoughts, when the video went online. Haha. Was it the ‘Mermaid’ video?

You mean the mermaid video where you move with your body?

It had recorded over 40,000 views. After it was revealed, I was given a nickname ‘육잘또’….A nickname that is precious to me.

What does it mean?
‘Yook Sungjae is a handsome lunatic’… Hahaha.

I don’t think I will be forgetting that name. What do you think of your variety senses?
I don’t think I have any… though I just do what I can easily do (in variety shows).

And it was amazing…?
I’ve heard many compliments on it. Haha.

Who’s your role model?
Erm. In terms of singers, I love deep voice like Jung JunIl, Kim DongRyul-sunbae. If we’re talking about actors, Lee JaeHoon and Lee Minki-sunbae. I want to be good in each categories like all these sunbaes are.

I have seen you impersonating these singers that you have mentioned. It was quite well done, though? I laughed very hard while watching them.
I decided to be a singer after looking at Kim DongRyul sunbae. He has a good tone and I tried to (Impersonate) him. I didn’t know the response would be this good.

Looking at the role models you’ve chosen in terms of acting skills, it seems you love those who does well?
I like actors who act in a natural way. We have to first lose ourselves before we can really live a character. If you work hard for it, it’ll turn out to be awkward and boring.

So which is your favorite shoot so far?
Whenever I’m with BTOB members, these will always be my favorite shoot. Although I have many individual schedules, but I’m awkward when I’m alone.

If there’s a shoot that you wish to do?
I would like to try out ‘Roommate’ or ‘Real Man’.

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Source: Nylon

[HanKyung] Cube Entertainment heads for listing effort despite lower worth…Why?

사진/ 변성현 기자

Cube Entertainment that had voluntarily withdrawn their listing application, has opted to be listed again, after a short period of three months since the withdrawal.

On 31st October, according to Financial Supervisory Service, IHQ has announced their plans on the 27th October, that subsidiary Cube Entertainment will be merging with WooriSPAC2.

The merger will be in a ratio of 1 to 3.4626, with WooriSPAC2 worth 2301 Won per share and Cube Entertainment worth 7967 Won per share.

Cube Entertainment is a label company famous for housing singers Rain, 4minute, BEAST and many more artists. Although it was announced in May that they will head to be listed on the stock market, the application was eventually retracted two months later in July.

According to representatives of Cube Entertainment, Sewol incident has caused a staggering situation in the second quarter, and they had therefore, withdrawn their application then.

IHQ representatives continued, “After requesting for a review, the results showed a stable performance in terms of annual earnings. External factors which had caused a temporary slump in the second quarter were inevitable and had undeniably affected the company’s performance.”

However, the consideration of the merger dropped, despite their fresh efforts to be listed again. When the first merger announcement was made in May, Cube Entertainment’s share was worth 8626 Won, instead of the revised 7976 Won per share.

The company reiterated that the less-than-satisfying performance during the second quarter was reflected on their accounts, despite showing strong performance in the first quarter. This had caused a lower revised value on the company’s worth.

The company opined that despite the drop of value, they are eager to push through the merger process, so to gain an upper hand to have better growth in the future soon.

As such, they have decided to merge with a SPAC (Special-Purpose Acquisition Company), which is known to be a ‘fast way’ to go through an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

“The competition in the entertainment industry is fierce. As such, development of existing artists and new rookies depends much on the outcome of the listing” and, “Through this listing efforts, we aim to recruit talents and to provide them with excellent and sufficient training equipment,” they emphasized.

About 15 billion Won of financing will be obtained if they achieved success in the process. With the funds, Cube Entertainments plans to recruit and debut rookies, and to enhance their overseas operations in China, Japan and South East Asia.

“The voluntarily withdrawal has indeed formed the largest question for investors and shareholders. Having said that, our earnings have stabilised. As much as our persistence, we have come to a decision that there is no reason to delay the listing efforts any longer.

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Source: Hankyung

[OSEN] BTOB Fills Up 2-Hours Solo Concert with Skills and Dazzling Performances

Idol group BTOB hold their first ever concert two years after their debut in the entertainment industry. Towards this, the members expressed, “Safety is the most important aspect. We are touched to have our first concert. Let’s spend a good time.”

BTOB will be holding their concert, titled ‘Hello Melody’ today at Seoul Olympic Hall. They revealed that they will be singing ‘WOW’ and ‘Thriller’. “Safety comes first. Let’s not get hurt and have fun today”, they reiterated.

Debuted into their 2nd year, Eunkwang revealed that it is their first concert after 2 years and 7 months since their debut. “It’s a precious concert that means very much to us.”

Changsub said, “It’s a solo concert that we have waited for a very long time. As it is our first concert, we will work our very best for it.” IlHoon continued, “I think it’s a concert that can be done because of Melody. Thank you,” with his grateful gaze.

Eunkwang smiled as he showed his happiness, “I’m really happy. We shall spend a good time together!” and Sungjae too, “Many have come to support us. Our efforts paid off.” MinHyuk and Hyunsik further gave their greetings to their fans, “We’re touched and happy too!”

During the press conference held before the concert, leader Eunkwang explained, “We contributed each of our ideas and prepared earnestly for it. We worked very hard to bring great performances to those who have waited long enough for us” and “Although we’re nervous, we will do our best.”

He continued, “We have a strong passion for music. If you listen to all of our album tracks, you’ll see our developments through every of our self-composed songs. We are going towards the direction where we will explore deeper for our love for music.”

Hyunsik smiled as he added on, “The secret is with Cube” and Minhyuk agreed, “Rather than a secret, it’s our gratitude for our company. We are really grateful that we have this opportunity to hold our concert. Because there’s Cube, this concert is possible. And so, we are even thankful for this.”

When asked about BEAST, BTOB has revealed that they have tried very hard to differentiate themselves from their seniors.

Eunkwang stated, “BEAST-hyungs are really amazing as a group. When we watch at their performance, it will stay in your head for a very long time. At those times, it gives us the encouragement, especially to improve in our live skills. We often frustrated on how to differentiate ourselves from them.”

Hyunsik added, “BEAST are the beasts, while I think we are slightly livelier.”

The seven members appeared on stage in their black suits and danced to ‘WOW’ and ‘Thriller’, heating up the atmosphere of the venue. They followed with a greeting as they expressed their grateful hearts to fans who have supported them tonight. BTOB continued to grab the loves of all with their skillful performances, as they prove their capabilities through this concert.

Other than performing group tracks like, ‘Irresistible Lips’, ‘When I was your man’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘You are my Angel’, ‘I Know Nothing But Love’, ‘Star’ and ‘Never Ending’, the members also showcase themselves with solo stages.

Peniel flaunted his manliness with a sexy performance, especially dancing the ‘American Dance’ with female dancers. Jung IlHoon harmonizes with Joo with ‘LOVE’. He showed his ‘Hip Hop Kiyomi’ with his freestyle raps. Lee MinHyuk sang self-composed song titled ‘Do You Know Who Am I’, proving his rapping skills.

Meanwhile, vocal line Yook Sungjae took on a stage that shows a different side of himself. He sang Kim BumSoo’s ‘Please’, serenading the fans on the audience seats. Eunkwang sang ‘Like That Day’. moreover, Eunkwang and Sungjae performed a duet stage with PSY’s ‘Gentleman’, creating a sea of laughter among fans.
Through this solo concert, BTOB once again captured the hearts of their fans with exceptional skills and interesting dance performances. Days after their concert, the seven members will be leaving for Japan for their Japanese single ‘WOW’. Even before their official debut in Japan, BTOB has taken over Towers Records with their single charting at #1.

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[10Asia] BTOB, You are So Fly! – Interview

Idol group BTOB has recently kickstarted promotional activities for their 5th mini album titled ‘MOVE’. Whenever you take a closer listen to BTOB’s album, you will find charms in each of the album track. The members showcased their solid skills and even personally made these songs, proving their effort to produce an authentic album. BTOB are often related to key words like ‘Rascals’, but they expressed their determination to be ‘rascals that have fun with music’. On 10th October, prior to their comeback stage on ‘Music Bank’, we took some time to meet up with them.

Q. Please express your comeback thoughts.
Seo Eunkwang: We are happy that we can once again stand on stage after ‘Beep Beep’ promotions. Whenever we make our comeback, our fans would always wait for us, and gave their cheers, which made us feel that ‘It’s a good thing we’ve became singers’, ‘We are singers to our bones’

Q. You guys held fansigns all over Korea on your first comeback week. When was your most inspiring moment?
Seo Eunkwang: Whenever we go for outdoor fansigns, we felt touched when people passing by recognised us. Even though it was like ‘Oh! That’s the guy!’…
Yook Sungjae: It’s Yook Sungjae! Kang MinGu! Yook Duck!
Seo Eunkwang: There are some that would ask, ‘Isn’t that the Gag Monkey?’ Haha. Many started to recognize us and our names. Somehow, I felt motivated.
Im Hyunsik: We can obviously reach out closer to fans.

Q. Were there any touching moments when you prepare for this album?
Yook Sungjae: We were touched to have the Ssom and Ssam cast to make a special appearance in our ‘You are So Fly’ Music Video.

Q. Were there any touching moments with the members?
Yook Sungjae: I don’t think that exists. Hahaha!
Lee Changsub: There was~ I told you to ‘have strength’ during our promotions, didn’t I?
Yook Sungjae: When did you say that!
Jung IlHoon: I was moved when we won #1 on the physical chart.

Q. At which aspect have you developed yourselves, as compared to previous album?
Jung IlHoon:  I think I am much relaxed when I’m on stage now.
Yook Sungjae: Peniel-hyung’s parts have increased, I think that’s what have changed the most!
Seo Eunkwang: That’s true. If you watch our performance, Peniel appeared a lot on camera.
Peniel: If we were cool rascals last time, I would say we are much brighter and livelier rascals now.

Q. If you were to name the highlight of the performance?
Yook Sungjae:
Our point choreograph is obvious. It’s easy to folow and (the song) is addictive to listeners’ ears. By putting two hands together, which signifies ‘feeling touched’, and you sing ‘You’re So Fly~’

Q. The members have been having individual activities in different area too. MinHyuk’s appearance on ‘EcoVillage – Merry House’ is currently on air now. So how do you feel about it?
Lee MinHyuk: Whenever we had interview session on the show, I see myself without anything and my red face. That’s when I would remember how tough it was. The crew and I were so close together, like family. It’s a program that expose ourselves to new people, therefore I’m even thankful for the opportunity.

Q. Seo Eunkwang , do you have any plans in musical activities? If so, what role would you wish to play?
Seo Eunkwang: Personally I really like musical actor Park EunTae-nim. When I was studying in high school, I was first exposed to Park EunTae-nim’s musical, especially the song where he sings ‘Notre Dame de Paris’. I want to appear as part of the cast of ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, but it seems too early for me now. I want to challenge various production and gain more experience first.

Q. What would you say about your latest album?
Seo Eunkwang: We hope that everyone will take a listen at all the tracks included in the album, aside from just the title track.
Im HyunSik: We have also included three self-composed songs. We would be happy to be a singer whose all album tracks will be listened to.

Q. You will be holding your first solo concert from October 31st to November 1st. Please give us a few spoilers?
Im Hyunsik: It’s a touching stage! Haha.
Yook Sungjae: We will be singing all title tracks.
Lee Changsub: You are already revealing too much!
All: All of them have been revealed!! Haha. We also have some songs that will be revealed for the first time!

Q. There isn’t much before we conclude this year. Are there any goals to achieve within this period?
Im Hyunsik: We want to prepare diligently for our first solo concert and hopefully, we would achieve some great results. We are having talks of our next album already, we will try our best to reach out to everyone with a more amazing and grown look.

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Source: 10Asia

[10Asia] BTOB Yook Sungjae, A Rising Star in acting and variety shows

사진제공. tvNIdol group BTOB Yook Sungjae has made his first stepping stone to be a successful actor with ‘Nine Boy’.

Although Yook Sungjae made his first short appearance on tvN ‘Reply 1994′, tvN ‘Nine Boy’ was his first drama that had him as part of the lead characters. He worked alongside A Pink ChoRong and even serenaded with his very own voice, besides flaunting his solid abs on the show.

Prior to the last broadcast of ‘Nine Boy’ on the 11th of October, Yook Sungjae met up with 10Asia. “As I monitored my parts, I felt that there are still many rooms of improvement. I’ve really learned a lot through this production”, expressing his thoughts before the show wraps up. He continued, “On set, I’ve learned whereto stand during over-shoulder scenes and at scenes where a double is needed. It’s my first lead character, so I was burdened but nevertheless, I had fun throughout the progress,” he expressed his interesting satisfaction.

In the first episode, he gained attention for his ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ scene. Yook Sungjae laughed, “Early that morning, I thought I was going to have stomach ache” and he continued, “It was really tiring after shooting Judo scenes, but towards the end, it helps me to focus much better on the shooting.”

BTOB member Im HyunSik, who was present, praised his acting skills, “I think he acts well” and followed with Lee Changsub, “I heard that some called you the God of Acting”, giving their encouragement. Yook Sungjae further explained, “In order to shoot that scene, I’ve really practiced a lot. I tried to recall myself when I’m in the toilet, and observing my expressions. I even recall memories when I had a bad stomach,” he said. Yook Sungjae worked hard in acting, putting in his own personal experience for just one scene in the drama. His diligence shows the proof of an acting idol.

Yook Sungjae who will be concluding ‘Nine Boy’ will focus on promoting BTOB’s latest title track ‘You’re So Fly’, as well as participating in a special episode on ‘Real Man’. From acting to singing and even variety shows, Yook SungJae is indeed a ‘Man with Rising Popularity’ these days.

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Source: 10Asia

[Oh My News] BTOB makes comeback with ‘You’re So Fly’… “Will prepare for a unique concert”

Idol group BTOB has confessed their thoughts on having to make a comeback after 7 months of hiatus.

Prior to BTOB’s live broadcast on Music Bank on the 10th of October, the seven members of BTOB met up with ‘Oh My Star’ to deliver their thoughts. “We feel happy for being able to stand on stage after such a long while” and, “We enjoy every second when we are on stage. We hope to receive the public’s loves and support through our latest album,” they said.

BTOB released their 5th mini album ‘MOVE’ on the 29th of September. ‘MOVE’, as its title suggests, consists of BTOB’s aspiration ‘to move the hearts of people through music.’ Individually, each member has been gaining attention for themselves through variety programs, dramas and many more personal activities. They are now united again to stand on the same stage, singing ‘You’re So Fly’ together.

For their latest album, BTOB has included songs specially made for the ‘vocal line’ and ‘rap line’ – songs that are able to showcase their best colors. Lee MinHyuk, Jung IlHoon and Peniel sang ‘You are My Angel’, while Seo Eunkwang, Im HyunSik, Lee Changsub and Yook Sungjae recorded for ‘Don’t Know’. Im HyunSik who works behind the scene as the composer and lyricist for ‘Don’t Know’ expressed, “(It’s a song that) Lives up to the strength of our vocal line” and, “Honestly, I’m confident of (my) voice, but by having four members singing the song, we are more focused at our parts, which further enhances the overall song with different vocals”, he explained.

‘You are My Angel’ was co-composed and co-written by the rap-line members. Jung IlHoon’s elder sister, Joo, also took part in the song. Jung IlHoon revealed, “I initially wrote this song with my noona in mind” and, “Perhaps it’s because I thought of her voice, that’s why her vocals fits very well with the song. She monitored my overall progress and was understanding throughout the process. In the future, I would really want to work side by side with her,” he smiled.

BTOB will be holding their first ever solo concert titled, ‘Hello Melody’ on October 31st and November 1st. Having to have their solo concert after 2 years and 7 months, BTOB expressed, “We are currently preparing diligently for our concert aside from having our promotional activities” and, “It will be unique concert. Please anticipate it!” flaunting their confidence.

“We hope to be a group where everyone will look forward to all tracks in our album (other than the title track)” (Lee MinHyuk)

“We hope that we will be publicly successful through this album. What’s our goal? Hmm.. Winning 1st? I want the name ‘BTOB’ to be widely known among the public” (Jung IlHoon)

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Source: Oh My News