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[MBN Star] Cube trainee, Kim HyoJong discovered different charms through back dancer experience

“As I experience the stage as a trainee, I’ve found my undiscovered charms.”

Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST, 4minute and G.NA, has recently garnered attention for having trainees to promote alongside their artists. Their pretty visuals and slender bodies had garnered strong attention from the public. The same goes for G.NA’s male back dancers as well.

Among the many of them, Kim HyoJong (20 years old) expressed the reason of being a back dancer, the process and also his thoughts on concluding the promotions. Kim HyoJong has been with Cube for more than a year, attending specific classes and training during his year as a trainee.

 기사의 0번째 이미지

As he receives lessons on a variety of aspects – vocals, raps, dance, acting, English, and health management, Kim HyoJong gave his best every day even though the possibility of debuting in the music industry is still a far-away unknown. But Kim HyoJong sees his trainee life as an enjoyment rather than an obligation.

“There are always interesting happenings. I trained with friends that are trainees like me, and it is an interesting experience. We have weekly and monthly evaluations, where we will be given a mission. As we complete these missions, we would communicate with each other and talk about music… I like it and it’s always very joyful.”

He did not want to be a singer from the start. But as he danced and developed his self-confidence on music in his schooling days, Kim HyoJong eventually started to have keen interest on music. He was eliminated from the first Cube Entertainment audition, but his dedication allowed him to earn a place as a trainee in the following audition. Kim HyoJong, who intends on entering Cube Entertainment, is confident that his personally-produced music will be presented to the mainstream audience.

“Of course I want to debut soon. I have no idea when is that, but I’m going to find my own identity. I’m interested in producing, so I’ve been practicing on writing and composing songs. I’m putting in my full efforts for now… as I wait for that day to come.”

 기사의 1번째 이미지

The opportunity to stand on stage doesn’t come easily and is never in line with the hard efforts they’ve given. But Cube had allowed them to earn these experience by providing them the chance to work with sunbaes of the same company. Kim HyoJung, too, has gained this special opportunity to work with G.NA as her back dancer.

“It’s really different seeing in reality and seeing through cameras. I think we have learnt a little on how to portray ourselves on TV, like which hairstyle to choose, how should we smile on stage. My parents watched my performance, and commented that my expression was weird. They joked over it and also gave useful tips to me.”

It’s important to work with colleagues of the same company. Seniors have to practice and help the juniors to portray themselves on stage. In particular, G.NA had given plenty of advice to backdancer-cum-junior-and-trainee Kim HyoJong. She is a senior that approaches trainees like their siblings.

“I’m really thankful to G.NA-sunbae. We don’t see much of artists yet, but they seemed to be friendly people. (G.NA) Has treated us like younger siblings, and had even shared valuable advice when she was a trainee, and things that need to be considered after debut. Of course, I will never forget about all the meals she had treated us (laughs). Next time round, I would want to stand on the same stage as G.NA-senior. Not as a trainee,  but as a real singer.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN Star


[TV Daily] BTOB Yook Sungjae transforms from Boy to Man in ‘Nine Boy’

아홉수 소년 육성재

Idol group BTOB member Yook Sungjae has turned into young Judo man. He has raised attention for stripping away from ‘flower boy idol’ as he now emancipates manlier charms with his new transformation.

Yook Sungjae will be playing the role of  Kang MinGoo in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Nine Boy’. Kang MinGoo is a young man that wish to further his studies in a university that is famous for its Judo club.

Kang MinGoo is a 19 year-old who wish to be a manly and sexier guy . His role describes one of the most important crisis a 19-year old guy will face.

In order to portray the character well, it was revealed that Yook Sungjae went for Judo practices diligently. His agency spoke to TV Daily, “He had practiced really hard on Judo skills even before the shooting starts. You’ll definitely feel a different charm as compared to his current image.”

Previously, Yook Sungjae plays Go Ara’s younger brother, SsukSsukie, in ‘Reply 1994′. He had appealed with both cute and playful charms then. This time round, anticipation is flying high for his transformation and upgraded acting skills.

This drama production is scripted by Park Yoomi who has written for KBS ‘Sponge’ and MBC ‘We Got Married 4′. Famous Yoo HakChan PD also participated in this drama. Yoo PD took part in the well-known production ‘Reply 1994′  last year and has therefore heightened attention for his next production, ‘Nine Boy’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily

[MBN] BEAST Yang Yoseob challenges his third musical production ‘ZORRO’

 기사의 0번째 이미지


Idol group BEAST member Yang Yoseob will be part of the cast for musical ‘Zorro’.

According to broadcast officials on 8th July, Yang Yoseob has confirmed his role in  musical ‘Zorro’ which will be held from August 27th to October 26th.

Previously, Yang Yoseob has shown his extraordinary vocals and stable acting skills in ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ in year 2011. He then took his first main lead in musical ‘Joseph Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, and had proven his capability as a ‘ticket power’, hence garnering more attention for his upcoming new appearance in ‘Zorro’.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN

[Xports News] ‘Solo Comeback’ Hyuna’s dancer audition … 1,000 applicants turned up

현아가 댄서 오디션을 실시했다. ⓒ 큐브엔터테인먼트

4minute Hyuna has initiated an audition for her crew of dancers just right before her solo comeback.

On the 6th of July, Cube dancers audition titled ‘Playback, Hyuna’ was held at Cube Entertainment in Seoul. ‘Playback’ is a new-concept audition whereby successful applicants will be promoting alongside Hyuna who will be making her comeback mid of this month.

On this day, about 1,000 passionate dancers and aspired singers from Korea and from abroad participated in the audition. During part of the day alone, there were 600 applicants and were seen practicing diligently before their turns.

The audition started at noon and continued till 9PM. The applicants were given critical evaluation based on missions and freestyle dances.

The performance and of talent scouting director, Kim SeHwan chose the talented applicants in the first round. Hyuna was reportedly at the audition scene in midst of her solo album preparation too.

Through ‘Playback’, successful dancers will have the opportunity to stand on broadcast stations alongside Hyuna throughout her new album promotions.

Meanwhile, Hyuna will be making a comeback in mid of July. The whole preparation process will be documented and aired in a reality program as well.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News


[Movie Joy] Dickpunks X 4minute Jeon JiYoon hints on lovely collaboration track

4-members band Dickpunks will be releasing a collaboration album with 4minute member Jeon Jiyoon.

This is the first time for a band to cooperate with an idol group in a collaboration album, and has therefore gained high anticipation for their upcoming harmony with Jeon Jiyoon.

Dickpunks and 4minute’s Jeon Jiyoon started their fated relationship during ‘Super Star K’ audition, where Dickpunks sang to 4minute’s MUZIK. As Jeon Jiyoon once frustrates on a new attempt and a transformation musically, she has met up with Dickpunks to share new ideas.

This time round, Jeon Jiyoon will had personally came up with the rap making and rap melody for their collaboration track, which was reported to  be filled with lovely charms. Despite her busy schedule, Jiyoon participate actively on the song.

Dickpunks’ agency TnC Music expressed, “This is Dickpunks’ first collaboration. They will be showing a new attempt that differs from their previous styles” and, “Do anticipate the perfect harmony between 4minute’s Jeon Jiyoon and Dickpunks.”

Meanwhile, Dickpunks and 4minute Jeon JiYoon’s first ever collaboration album will be revealed on July 11th.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Movie Joy

[Xports News] IHQ-Cube to form strategic alliance with Miracle Group in China

iHQ and Cube Entertainment will be forming a strategic business alliance with Miracle Group next month in China.

iHQ and Cube Entertainment will be mobilizing many famous artists as a support to Miracle’s K-POP Artists Omnibous Concert which will be held at Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong on 2nd August.

Miracle Group which is headquartered at Beijing is a media company that actively involved in album production, events, concert planning, TV program production and artist management in China.

iHQ representative director Jeon YongJoo spoke, “In line with our aspiration to be a globalized corporation, the alliance with China corporation Miracle Group that has the required experience, is an extremely meaningful event” and, “Considering the popularity of Korean movies and Korean celebrities in China, this concert is a great opportunity for iHQ to further enhance a variety of partnerships in the future.”

Miracle Group’s CEO, David Xiang, expressed his thoughts, “We are extremely grateful and honored for having the support from iHQ and Cube Entertainment. I look forward to a closer cooperation between Miracle and iHQ.”

Meanwhile, artists under Cube Entertainment have been receiving intense spotlight in the China market for their powerful contents even before their advancement to the country. Last year, iHQ formed a strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment. It brought about a synergy in enhancing its artist management, broadcast production and even album production.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News

[CeCi] G.NA’s Body Talk

Moving her body all around, G.NA is likened to a table tennis ball. She talks like a table tennis ball as she talks about her natural body. Mother, workout, puppies and more. It’s a natural talk like servicing and receiving the ball in a game of table tennis.

G.NA’s body profile
Height: 168cm
Weight: 52kg
Fats proportion: 17%
Most preferred body part: Hips
Body role model: Lee Sora, Jessica Alba
(To view CECI Photos, please click HERE)

CECI: Why are you moving here and there (She was stretching her hands while putting on makeup)

It’s my habit. My mother has a strong influence on me. She taught me to do abominable breathing when I’m brushing my teeth.

CECI: Ah, your mother was previously a swimming contestant.

That’s the reason why she’s keener than me in terms of weight management. My mum weighs 53kg at a height of 172cm.

CECI Do you move around a lot when you’re at home too?

I’m even busier when I’m at home. I have to chase after 4 puppies, I can’t even sit down for a moment!

CECI: Do let us know more about what you’ve learn from your mother in weight management.

It’s mostly a habit in life. Whenever I’m watching the TV, I would do 20 minutes of sit-ups. I don’t usually train muscles, and have never accepted physical training, but I know quite well about abs training.

CECI: Other than physical training, what other exercise do you do?

I’ve learnt Yoga. But working out intentionally to lose weight does not suit me.

CECI: Why would you say so?

When I was on diet, I weighed 45kg. My face was so thin, till the extent that no matter what I do, I looked like a sick person. My fats proportion was only 7%.

CECI: So, you won’t be working out so to maintain your weight now?

I’m paying more attention on what I’m eating now. I learn this from my mum as well. A human’s stomach is the size of a fist. If you eat more than this, your stomach grows and it’s therefore impossible for not to gain weight. It’s not that I don’t do exercise anymore, I’d still do stretching at home.

CECI: Your house is like a fitness center.

It’s important to have a space for working out regularly. My house has such space. I would lay down the mat in front of the mirror and wear a rubber band over my head while performing stretches. I’ve bought pink bands from Japan too.

CECI: Which body part is your favorite part?

My hips.

CECI: Any hip workout?

It’s easy. I do the same as the rest. The difference is that how one maintains muscle strength after exercise. It’s useless to use only our hips.

CECI: Are you referring to stretching?

Yes. A woman looks pretty with a long body and shapely muscles. In order to gain such muscles, stretching is a must. It’s impossible to have them through exercise only. Like just now, I’m always stretching. I think that Lee Sora eonnie has a beautiful figure.

CECI: Looking sexy yet healthy at the same time.

When I was a trainee, having a light body weight was an advantage. My friends starved themselves, but I didn’t practice that. I went for yoga and rope skipping instead. My face looks smaller now and I can’t drink coffee. Caffeine has a fat-burning effect. I understand that those who have similar activity level as me would lose weight very fast.

CECI: Some people intentionally drinks coffee before working out.

They would then perform rope skipping or dance and sing to about 6 songs with their MP3. It takes 30 minutes to complete that. Adjusting to the beat of the music is even harder than to jump continuously. As such, you’ll lose 7kg.

CECI: It looks like you’re quite satisfied about your current body state.

It has its good points and bad ones too. But I want to show you the way I am. I hope there would be lesser photoshop. I would just want to show myself.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CECI