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[10Asia] BTOB, You are So Fly! – Interview

Idol group BTOB has recently kickstarted promotional activities for their 5th mini album titled ‘MOVE’. Whenever you take a closer listen to BTOB’s album, you will find charms in each of the album track. The members showcased their solid skills and even personally made these songs, proving their effort to produce an authentic album. BTOB are often related to key words like ‘Rascals’, but they expressed their determination to be ‘rascals that have fun with music’. On 10th October, prior to their comeback stage on ‘Music Bank’, we took some time to meet up with them.

Q. Please express your comeback thoughts.
Seo Eunkwang: We are happy that we can once again stand on stage after ‘Beep Beep’ promotions. Whenever we make our comeback, our fans would always wait for us, and gave their cheers, which made us feel that ‘It’s a good thing we’ve became singers’, ‘We are singers to our bones’

Q. You guys held fansigns all over Korea on your first comeback week. When was your most inspiring moment?
Seo Eunkwang: Whenever we go for outdoor fansigns, we felt touched when people passing by recognised us. Even though it was like ‘Oh! That’s the guy!’…
Yook Sungjae: It’s Yook Sungjae! Kang MinGu! Yook Duck!
Seo Eunkwang: There are some that would ask, ‘Isn’t that the Gag Monkey?’ Haha. Many started to recognize us and our names. Somehow, I felt motivated.
Im Hyunsik: We can obviously reach out closer to fans.

Q. Were there any touching moments when you prepare for this album?
Yook Sungjae: We were touched to have the Ssom and Ssam cast to make a special appearance in our ‘You are So Fly’ Music Video.

Q. Were there any touching moments with the members?
Yook Sungjae: I don’t think that exists. Hahaha!
Lee Changsub: There was~ I told you to ‘have strength’ during our promotions, didn’t I?
Yook Sungjae: When did you say that!
Jung IlHoon: I was moved when we won #1 on the physical chart.

Q. At which aspect have you developed yourselves, as compared to previous album?
Jung IlHoon:  I think I am much relaxed when I’m on stage now.
Yook Sungjae: Peniel-hyung’s parts have increased, I think that’s what have changed the most!
Seo Eunkwang: That’s true. If you watch our performance, Peniel appeared a lot on camera.
Peniel: If we were cool rascals last time, I would say we are much brighter and livelier rascals now.

Q. If you were to name the highlight of the performance?
Yook Sungjae:
Our point choreograph is obvious. It’s easy to folow and (the song) is addictive to listeners’ ears. By putting two hands together, which signifies ‘feeling touched’, and you sing ‘You’re So Fly~’

Q. The members have been having individual activities in different area too. MinHyuk’s appearance on ‘EcoVillage – Merry House’ is currently on air now. So how do you feel about it?
Lee MinHyuk: Whenever we had interview session on the show, I see myself without anything and my red face. That’s when I would remember how tough it was. The crew and I were so close together, like family. It’s a program that expose ourselves to new people, therefore I’m even thankful for the opportunity.

Q. Seo Eunkwang , do you have any plans in musical activities? If so, what role would you wish to play?
Seo Eunkwang: Personally I really like musical actor Park EunTae-nim. When I was studying in high school, I was first exposed to Park EunTae-nim’s musical, especially the song where he sings ‘Notre Dame de Paris’. I want to appear as part of the cast of ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, but it seems too early for me now. I want to challenge various production and gain more experience first.

Q. What would you say about your latest album?
Seo Eunkwang: We hope that everyone will take a listen at all the tracks included in the album, aside from just the title track.
Im HyunSik: We have also included three self-composed songs. We would be happy to be a singer whose all album tracks will be listened to.

Q. You will be holding your first solo concert from October 31st to November 1st. Please give us a few spoilers?
Im Hyunsik: It’s a touching stage! Haha.
Yook Sungjae: We will be singing all title tracks.
Lee Changsub: You are already revealing too much!
All: All of them have been revealed!! Haha. We also have some songs that will be revealed for the first time!

Q. There isn’t much before we conclude this year. Are there any goals to achieve within this period?
Im Hyunsik: We want to prepare diligently for our first solo concert and hopefully, we would achieve some great results. We are having talks of our next album already, we will try our best to reach out to everyone with a more amazing and grown look.

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Source: 10Asia

[10Asia] BTOB Yook Sungjae, A Rising Star in acting and variety shows

사진제공. tvNIdol group BTOB Yook Sungjae has made his first stepping stone to be a successful actor with ‘Nine Boy’.

Although Yook Sungjae made his first short appearance on tvN ‘Reply 1994′, tvN ‘Nine Boy’ was his first drama that had him as part of the lead characters. He worked alongside A Pink ChoRong and even serenaded with his very own voice, besides flaunting his solid abs on the show.

Prior to the last broadcast of ‘Nine Boy’ on the 11th of October, Yook Sungjae met up with 10Asia. “As I monitored my parts, I felt that there are still many rooms of improvement. I’ve really learned a lot through this production”, expressing his thoughts before the show wraps up. He continued, “On set, I’ve learned whereto stand during over-shoulder scenes and at scenes where a double is needed. It’s my first lead character, so I was burdened but nevertheless, I had fun throughout the progress,” he expressed his interesting satisfaction.

In the first episode, he gained attention for his ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ scene. Yook Sungjae laughed, “Early that morning, I thought I was going to have stomach ache” and he continued, “It was really tiring after shooting Judo scenes, but towards the end, it helps me to focus much better on the shooting.”

BTOB member Im HyunSik, who was present, praised his acting skills, “I think he acts well” and followed with Lee Changsub, “I heard that some called you the God of Acting”, giving their encouragement. Yook Sungjae further explained, “In order to shoot that scene, I’ve really practiced a lot. I tried to recall myself when I’m in the toilet, and observing my expressions. I even recall memories when I had a bad stomach,” he said. Yook Sungjae worked hard in acting, putting in his own personal experience for just one scene in the drama. His diligence shows the proof of an acting idol.

Yook Sungjae who will be concluding ‘Nine Boy’ will focus on promoting BTOB’s latest title track ‘You’re So Fly’, as well as participating in a special episode on ‘Real Man’. From acting to singing and even variety shows, Yook SungJae is indeed a ‘Man with Rising Popularity’ these days.

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Source: 10Asia

[Oh My News] BTOB makes comeback with ‘You’re So Fly’… “Will prepare for a unique concert”

Idol group BTOB has confessed their thoughts on having to make a comeback after 7 months of hiatus.

Prior to BTOB’s live broadcast on Music Bank on the 10th of October, the seven members of BTOB met up with ‘Oh My Star’ to deliver their thoughts. “We feel happy for being able to stand on stage after such a long while” and, “We enjoy every second when we are on stage. We hope to receive the public’s loves and support through our latest album,” they said.

BTOB released their 5th mini album ‘MOVE’ on the 29th of September. ‘MOVE’, as its title suggests, consists of BTOB’s aspiration ‘to move the hearts of people through music.’ Individually, each member has been gaining attention for themselves through variety programs, dramas and many more personal activities. They are now united again to stand on the same stage, singing ‘You’re So Fly’ together.

For their latest album, BTOB has included songs specially made for the ‘vocal line’ and ‘rap line’ – songs that are able to showcase their best colors. Lee MinHyuk, Jung IlHoon and Peniel sang ‘You are My Angel’, while Seo Eunkwang, Im HyunSik, Lee Changsub and Yook Sungjae recorded for ‘Don’t Know’. Im HyunSik who works behind the scene as the composer and lyricist for ‘Don’t Know’ expressed, “(It’s a song that) Lives up to the strength of our vocal line” and, “Honestly, I’m confident of (my) voice, but by having four members singing the song, we are more focused at our parts, which further enhances the overall song with different vocals”, he explained.

‘You are My Angel’ was co-composed and co-written by the rap-line members. Jung IlHoon’s elder sister, Joo, also took part in the song. Jung IlHoon revealed, “I initially wrote this song with my noona in mind” and, “Perhaps it’s because I thought of her voice, that’s why her vocals fits very well with the song. She monitored my overall progress and was understanding throughout the process. In the future, I would really want to work side by side with her,” he smiled.

BTOB will be holding their first ever solo concert titled, ‘Hello Melody’ on October 31st and November 1st. Having to have their solo concert after 2 years and 7 months, BTOB expressed, “We are currently preparing diligently for our concert aside from having our promotional activities” and, “It will be unique concert. Please anticipate it!” flaunting their confidence.

“We hope to be a group where everyone will look forward to all tracks in our album (other than the title track)” (Lee MinHyuk)

“We hope that we will be publicly successful through this album. What’s our goal? Hmm.. Winning 1st? I want the name ‘BTOB’ to be widely known among the public” (Jung IlHoon)

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Source: Oh My News

[VOGUE] ‘Nine Boy’ Ambitious 19 year old Yook Sungjae

Yook Sungjae is the youngest – be it within BTOB, or during ‘Vogue’ photoshoot with Oh JongSe and Kim YoungKwang, he’s always the youngest. Yet, he would greet everyone the earliest. Yook Sungjae who has yet to get his name out, is more famously known as ‘Seo InGuk lookalike’. Sharp jawline and his slight smiles are indeed a similarity with Seo InGuk.

Still, even for viewers who watched all episodes of ‘Reply 1994′, they may not remember Yook Sungjae’s face. Yook Sungjae took part in ‘Reply 1994′,  though  it was at most 3 minutes. He played the role of Go Ara’s brother SsukSsukie. His scenes include walking into the room with a bag  and having a conversation with his girlfriend at a cafe. But such small efforts were worth it. He is now the main cast of ‘Nine Boy’. He plays the role of the active and passionate 19 year old Kang MinGu, one out of four of the ‘nine’ boys. “Writer-nims encouraged me to go all out. So, I wasn’t that bad in ‘Reply 1994′, right? (Laughs)” Although he is still at his stage where each and every word is filled with cautious and humility, he’s a person who does not simply back off when it comes to greed and aspiration.

This part of Yook Sungjae rhymes so much to Kang MinGu. He’s filled with a little over-dramatic and cute sense, but also armed with various sense of humor – that is Yook Sungjae himself. “When I read the scenarios, I would often imagine myself as that character. Of course, I wanted to do well. I’m like myself when there are some ‘crazy’ scenes. I’m a little impatient, and couldn’t stay still… which is similar to my character too.”

Still, there are some differences. Yook Sungjae is an on-the-spot type of person, as compared to Kang MinGu who practices himself to the best before every match. As a BTOB member too, Yook Sungjae performed better on stage rather than during practice sessions. “I’m the type that work better when there’s audience. I might make mistakes during rehearsals, but never during live shows. Even if I did make a mistake, I would pretend I didn’t. (Laughs)”


Therefore, he has lesser worries on his first lead role. Rather than being anxious, he practice to hold control over his first ever romance act. “I have a love line with A Pink’s Chorong noona. I’ve met Chorong noona 5 years ago since our trainee times, and because of that, I’m a little worried if I don’t feel the ‘flutter-ness’ when I act with her. When there were serious scenes, I and Chorong noona would most probably burst out laughing.” Of course, this is a step all rookies have to take at first. Manager-nim who was previously a Judo player helped in Sungjae’s physic. After every shoot, the director would look for him and asked if there’s any room for improvement. Although it’s just another idol-turned-actor, Yook Sungjae is extremely serious about it. BTOB, the group he is in, is a fun and lively boy group. They were firstly nominated as #1 with ‘Beep Beep’, a song that is filled with senses. After the shoot, Yook Sungjae would return to his dorm where all members sleep in a room. “We can’t brag. It doesn’t suit us too. (Laughs)” Yook Sungjae is indeed a humorous person. He’s always answering with laughters. To have acting schedules in parallel with his idol life, it must be hard for him. But rather than expressing these tough challenges, his greed stood out more than that.

“I want to be a good singer. I wanted to act very much too. It’s my first acting and I felt that it suits me very well”.  Although he said, “My elder sister loves to doll me up, and because of that, I felt like I’m a celebrity”, in reality, it was his efforts that have brought him to where he is today. Together with ‘Nine Boy’, Yook Sungjae will be standing on stage as a BTOB member with a new song in September. Group activities will always be  group activities. Acting and individual schedules will be another exciting chapter for him. Although he is now spending busy days to raise awareness about his group, the starting phase is always the hardest and the most important phase, especially for Yook Sungjae who just turned 20. He said he wanted to be the position where his role model, JYJ’s Park YooChun, is at. This is indeed something achievable for him.


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[10Asia] Cube artists and their earnest sincerity for Lou Gehrig disease

비, 에이핑크, 비투비 서은광, 비스트 이기광 아이스버킷챌린지(왼쪽 위부터 시계방향으로)

In order to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig disease, the ice bucket challenge has been a wide trend lately. The ice bucket challenge was initiated by America Lou Gehrig Association (ALS) in order to help patients diagnosed with the disease. The event started in America in July but became a global movement, including Korean artists, such as Choi MinSik, Yoo JaeSuk participated in it. 24 hours after being nominated, the nominee will have to pour ice water or donate USD 100 to the association. He/she can then call out 3 names to continue the campaign.

As the event proceeds, it has raised good responses as celebrities take on the challenge and/or donate to the association. Although some did take it as a joke or as a publicity stunt, celebrities that are sincere in their delivery of these meaningful messages have gained attention.

Among many of them, artists of Cube Entertainment have raised awareness in a different way. Singer-cum-actor Rain participated in the ice bucket challenge on the 23rd of August, and have also decided to donate 100 million Won for the research of ALS disease. In the video of him taking on the ice bucket challenge, he revealed, “My teacher and father-like person who has made me into where I am today is fighting the disease in his third year” and, “I frustrated on how I could help him as an expression of my gratitude and thankful heart” and with that reason, he had revealed to had donated 100 million Won instead of 100 dollar.

The person who Rain mentioned was none other than Cube Entertainment’s President Hong SeungSong. President Hong started his management experience since in the 1990s with Lee Yerin, which had soon led him to be a co-representative of JYP Entertainment. After leaving JYP Entertainment, he then moved on to establish Cube Entertainment, and has held the president position till of now. Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Disease, he has raised artists BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, BTOB and more who are under the label company.

The incident of President Hong having Lou Gehrig disease had to be handled cautiously, and Cube artists have participated in activities regarding to rare diseases including Lou Gehrig, expressing their sincere heart in a quiet manner. Cube Entertainment has always donate to patients having rare diseases under the names of their artists. But because President Hong’s condition (of having Lou Gehrig Disease) was never officially announced, the donations were never made known intentionally. It was however, well known among young students who have rare diseases. Among many of these activities, BEAST were reported attending the graduation ceremony of ‘Korea’s Hawkings’, patients who are studying while receiving respiratory treatment (for Lou Gehrig Disease) . BEAST members have personally met up with a teenager battling with the same disease, and were even appointed ambassador for a Respiratory Rehabilitation Center.

Because of that, the ice bucket challenge that helps to fund for Lou Gehrig research, has become a point where Cube artists can express their hearts earnestly. Cube artists have participated in the ice bucket challenge and were always nominating fellow Cube artists as the next challenger. BEAST Yoon Doojoon chose BTOB Seo Eunkwang, while Seo Eunkwang chooses A Pink Bomi, A Pink chooses G.NA and Rain, further raising the wave of the ice bucket challenge among fellow colleagues. They chose each other not because they were colleagues, but as a way to express their sincere heart and respect for President Hong SeungSong.

Their sincere thoughts can be seen in their videos. The whole member of A Pink courteously wore black shirts in their ice bucket challenge video. NaEun took the chance to say, “We hope that there is a recovery method that will treat patients soon”, while Rain even donated generously for the research of ALS disease.

The staff from Cube entertainment, too, have plans to raise more awareness for the campaign. Representatives from Cube Entertainment expressed, “Cube artists have a different heart towards Lou Gehrig Disease” and, “In the future too, we will bring the campaign, including this ice bucket challenge to another practical level.” Cube artists have shown their sincerest and earnest sides more than anyone else in the campaign, as it reflects their true inner thoughts.

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Source: 10Asia

[Newsen] ‘Hitmaker’ Big Bottle’s unexpected popularity! Even producers are surprised!

Recently, MBC Variety Program ‘Hitmaker’ has been making highlights as they produce group ‘Big Bottle’, which consists members YookDuk (BTOB Yook Sungjae), WangKong (GOT7 Jackson), DulBaekGi and HyukDdi (VIXX N and Hyuk).

* Stage names and their meanings:
YookDuk: Six Virtues
WangKong: King Kong
DulBaekGi: White Stone
HyukDdi: Chinese Zodiac Hyuk

The center of ‘Showtime’ and ‘Hitmaker’ is none other than Yoon MiJin PD. Starting off as spin-off of ‘Weekly Idol’, the great responses from the show proved its growing success. Bound to air its last episode on 19th August, Yoon MiJin PD had a simple interview with Newsen.

▲ Where did you get the idea of producing a program of a different concept with Jung HyungDon and Defcon?

- As we shoot for ‘Weekly Idol’, Jung HyungDon and Defcon delivered their ‘needs’ for producing. We talked and laughed about it comfortably, and there’s how the birth of this program. Also, both of them are easy around idol groups, so we were curious of the outcome if they gather members from different groups. Coincidentally, it falls on the same year as ‘Weekly Idol’ 3rd anniversary, so it’s not that bad of a plan to promote this variety.

▲Yook Sungjae, Jackson, N and Hyuk have been selected as members for ‘Big Bottle’, were there any special reasons?
– BTOB, GOT7 are idols that grab the most attention on ‘Weekly Idol’, They were nominees for the show and they came together after some coordination in their schedules. As the shoot goes on, their chemistry became better than expected, and we are glad that they fit well. Jackson has been an eye-catching friend on Weekly Idol, all producers have unanimously chose Jackson. He’s always creating funny episodes with HyungDon too.

▲VIXX has never been on Weekly Idol though.
– That’s true, they couldn’t appear on ‘Weekly Idol’ broadcast due to their busy schedule. But, VIXX are friends that have quite a strong potential, and their fandom is one of the most stable fandoms among rookie groups. We hope that they will have the chance to be on ‘Weekly Idol’ through this program.

▲ Big Bottle’s dedicated looks on broadcast left a strong impression.
– For promoting idol groups to appear on ‘Hitmaker’, it is indeed a tough choice to make. As they appear on broadcast, we feel thankful that they did it diligently. Yook Sungjae has a really strong passion for ‘Big Bottle’ and shows committed effort in it. N and Hyuk challenged an unfamiliar concept, but we thank them for making it interesting. Jackson, on the other hand, easily lifts the mood up with his free and wild style, and we’re happy and thankful for that.

▲ ‘Big Bottle’ fancafe has reached more than ten thousand members. Did you expect this influence?
– I’m quite surprised too. We didn’t expect that the response would be that big. The producer team were having thoughts when we first started this program, ‘hopefully the cast would participate interestingly’, ‘We hope it won’t be a disadvantage to promoting groups.’ Therefore, we were extra meticulous about it. But with fans great responses, we are extremely grateful.

▲ You will be releasing ‘Stress Come On’ on 20th August afternoon. Do you expect good results on music charts?

- ‘Hitmaker’ will be airing the MV on 19th August alongside its last episode, and release on music charts the next day. It’s not easy to predict regarding the music chart, but we hope that it will receive the same amount of attention from fans as on the music charts. We don’t think it will ‘explode’ onto charts. Nevertheless, if it reached top spot, we would be happy.

▲ Some are asking if they would go on music stations, like Show Champion.

- We talked about going on music shows during our planning stage, but it is difficult to coordinate all schedules from three groups. Perhaps they may have their debut-cum-goodbye stage on ‘Weekly Idol’. About going on broadcast if they achieve #1 on music charts… well that.. I don’t know too.

▲They were talks about a series (of ‘Hitmaker’) to be a fixed program on TV broadcast.

- There’s nothing firm we can say right now. It’s difficult to be part of the fixed programs, but it’s possible for a continuous series during holiday seasons. We are discussing it positively. It is possible for members to change too – be it, existing members, totally new members or changes in some members. The thoughts of the existing members are important too. There are various possibilities to this.

▲ You are grateful towards MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon

- That’s true. The members of Big Bottle did well, but MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon put in lots of effort in various parts. Although it is a 4-episode program, they have participated in the concept, as well as producing and writing for Big Bottle’s title track. Both of them are always dedicated colleagues, and we are even thankful for them. It feels like we have to deliver our heart to them.

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[IlGan Sports] Cube’s Vice President Noh HyunTae, “‘Order and Discipline within Freedom’ is our motto”

(T/N: This article assumes that Cube Entertainment will be going on a listing with WooriSpac2 soon. Recent news,however, stated that Cube will not be cooperating with WooriSPAC2 due to internal problems. Listing process may therefore be delayed.)

Cube Entertainment is a prominent KPOP global brand that has seen visible growth. Founded in 2008, the relatively new entertainment agency has been making remarkable expansion, and is now standing shoulder to shoulder with SM, YG and JYP Entertainment. Currently, Cube Entertainment houses singers BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, unit group Trouble Maker, gagman Kim Kiri, including Rain, Roh JiHoon, Shin JiHoon, actor Kwak SeungNam in their wholly-owned subsidiary, Cube DC. Cube Entertainment has gained a sales revenue of 22.9b Won last year.

Recently, BEAST has accelerated their promotions in Japan. Last year, they signed an agreement with one of Japan’s largest advertisement company, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, which were a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Group, with a guranteed 8b Won of income. This momentum has driven them to make an entrance to the stock market. We have met up with Cube Entertainment’s Vice President Noh HyunTae to discover the burning motivation of Cube Entertainment that fuels their ever-growing pace.

- The company has been founded for 6 years, and listing on the stock market is right before your eyes.

“This is as a result of President Hong SeungSong’s know-hows and network, employee’s passions and artists’ sincerity coming altogether. In the past 6 years, if we were to describe Cube, you may perhaps call it as ‘a  light that never dies’. The company was always running and continuously challenging to run further. In order to preserve Cube’s identity, which is ‘to be different from the rest’, we have attempted new challenges. As such, being ‘the first’ has a very deep meaning for us. We were the first entertainment agency to hold a KPOP Concert ‘United Cube’ (2011) in South America, our first unit group Trouble Maker (2011) was launched successfully too. 4minute even became the first girl group to hold a solo concert in Europe (2014). As we attempt, there were many errors and problems too, but it was an exciting and priceless experience. It is intriguing and therefore, we work even harder.”

- What is Cube’s motto?

“It’s order and discipline within freedom. Cube is rather a family-like community. Artists and staff communicate with each other very often. President Hong often talks with artists at the same eye level, to gain more understanding and feedback. Therefore, BEAST, 4minute and others often refer him as ‘Father’. Although we do emphasize on a free atmosphere, we have a strong awareness of being different from the others, and that raises our strict requirements.”

- Other than BEAST or 4minute, Cube’s future may need to depend on rookies as well.

“That’s true. As we lead with groups like BEAST, we have to raise rookies too. We have about 20 trainees whose age ranges from primary 3rd year friend to teenagers in the early 20s. Though we have yet to decide on a date to debut a new girl group, we are in our final phase in setting up the team. We are also in the midst of setting up a male rookie team.”

- What would be the strength of Cube’s training system?

“I personally think that it’s humanity classes. In reality, technical classes like dance or vocals doesn’t make a difference with other companies. Other than raising stars with a global brand name, we emphasize on bearing a responsibility for the society. Therefore, we do volunteering works and have psychology and sex education classes. We started on charitable works primarily because of fans. As a token of appreciation for fans’ loves, we cultivate trainees to have a mindset to give back to the society. We do free concerts for hospitals, orphanages and many more welfare societies. If time is a concern, we would go to around CheongDamDong, which is near our office, to litter-pick. Also, because of the frequent visits overseas, we would teach them culture and etiquette of each country. Since we can’t afford to make mistakes. We teach sex education and provide counselling services on a regular basis. Although these may seem minor, it is important for trainees who debut at a later stage, so that they can grow into artists that do not forget about their priorities. An artist who has excellent techniques will fall if their inner self is not cultivate properly.”

 – If you were to describe KPOP’s future?

“I think that KPOP has a bright prospect. Although it has slowed down in the Japan market, there are teams that are achieving consistent results. The direction in Japan my seem uncertain for now, but I do not think that it will drop further. Due to political matters, the fandom could have decreased, but the remained are loyal fans. Other than Japan, the opportunity to expand is limitless, we have China, South East Asia and even Europe for us to explore further.

- What about the future of Cube Entertainment?

“We will be delivering many favorable news. In particular in regards to the new overseas market. First of all, BEAST and 4minute have captivated the South East Asia market since their debut. Although BEAST has lesser promotions in Japan due to local activities for the time being, their new single ‘Adrenaline’ has charted #2 on Oricon charts. With passionate responses from Japan, we will deliver more  news on Japan activities in the second half-year. Also, do anticipate BTOB and the upcoming rookies’ activities.”

- Will you be diversifying your business like SM or YG in the future?

“Yes. Just, in order to maintain sustainability and to improve our business success rate, we will prepare more earnestly first (before doing so). Through our cooperation with iHQ, do expect our synergy in drama productions too. Cube Cafe are currently in works to enter into the foreign market. We wish to come up with more fun and exciting things.”

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Source: Ilgan Sports